Friday, March 30, 2018

Is Feng Shui really working for me?

Recently I have received some emails from my readers all voicing their frustration that feng shui is not working for them, even they have already hired feng shui “masters” and applied all the cure that has been "prescribed"! Well, I have decided to share my comments on this blog site for those who are facing the same situation. 

The first significant factor that I want to point out is we must understand the “proper” approach to feng shui. We must approach Feng shui with an attitude of flexibility and open mind, and understand that it is not magic, nor it cannot make us become a millionaire overnight or prevent death! Nonetheless, if we know what we are doing and can apply the appropriate and effective cure, it will undoubtedly improve our situation and reduce the harm to us to a certain degree (催吉避兇).  I have witnessed this effect through many years of personal and professional experience.

The second factor is which type of feng shui that we are following as there are different school of feng shui in the current market. I believe that the so-called "Western" or "New Age" Feng Shui is quite popular among the Western societies where one can find in most of the books and websites and interesting enough this is what most of the complaint of no results stems from my readers. In general practice, the practitioners of this type of feng shui will be mixing up the BSTB (Balck Sect Tantric Buddhist) feng shui and the traditional Chinese feng shui, which has caused much confusion to many people.

Since we are on this topic, I want to share a story that I read somewhere regarding this type of feng shui and let my readers decide whether it make sense or not. Let look at the following floor plan of a house which sold nearly one (1) million dollars; and how a BSTB or Western feng shui practitioner will do when he/she was sent by a client to access the feng shui of the house.

We can see how this practitioner superimposed the "famous" ba bua map (which was invented by the BSTB's founder, Lin Yun) on the floor plan. The result is fascinating! For example, it shows that the entry in the "career" sector, the master bedroom is in the "knowledge” sector and the kitchen is in the "helpful people" sector, etc. Thus, some possible feng shui interpretations of the house will be "they are sleeping on their knowledge," "their career is in the closet," "part of the wealth is missing" and "all the helpful people work in the kitchen"!

Joking aside, I really can not see how the practitioner can know that this house is right for their client? Or in the case that the client is already living in the house, what are the feng shui reasons that has been causing problems to the occupants (most of the time people hired a feng shui practitioner only when they have issues regarding fortune and health).

On the other hand, let us look at the different approach by a practitioner who is practicing the authentic Chinese feng shui (Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui). First off, he/she will also plot the traditional ba gua on the floor plan (as indicated in the following diagram).

Then he/she will calculate the natal chart (flying star combinations) based on the info of the facing direction of the house and the house’s construction time. Now with this info on hand, the practitioner can provide a detailed assessment to the client. For example, this house is suitable for making money but at the expense of poor health. There would be some conflicts between husband and wife etc. The more proficient and seasoned the practitioner is in analysing the flying star combinations on the natal chart, the more info he/she can relate to the client.

Furthermore, based on the flying pattern of the annual and monthly flying stars, the practitioner can also predict when problems are most likely to occur and how to apply feng shui cure to rectify the situation. So, which practitioner will the client hire to look for an expansive property?

Nonetheless, even though we are able to hire a capable “master” to check the feng shui of the house and follow through with his/her recommendation of feng shui cure, there are still a few important steps/ procedures to follow so that feng shui will work for us which I listed below:

One critical step is we must apply feng shui cure on an auspicious day and time in order to be effective. The reason is by doing the above, the feng shui cure is now being applied in the most optimum and ideal conditions. In feng shui, this is referred as “the combination of auspicious time, place and people luck” (天時, 地利, 人和). Sadly, I have seen many so-called masters have omitted this vital step in their practice! That may be one of the reasons that many people do not see a noticeable improvement in their situation.

Another essential condition that made feng shui work for us is we must “own” it, i.e., we must pay for the feng shui service because feng shui is very personal. In my professional practice, even though I am helping my family members or best friends in feng shui matters, I will insist that they will pay for the service even in a minimal sum like 10 or 20 dollars! This is also the reason why I have received kind donations to my blog site from many readers when they are following my feng shui advice after I have explained this critical concept to them!

The final step for feng shui cure to work for us is we must “activate” the effects of the items that we used, i.e., we have to “induce” the role of the feng shui items through the combination of its physical form and our visualization and positive thinking (呼形喝像). For example, when you are using 8 old Chinese coins to counteract the number 2 illness flying star (as I always recommend in this blog site), you have to visualize that they are sending out golden lights and driving out all the yin energy and make the place bright, clean and healthy.

To conclude, I hope the above will shed some lights regarding the proper execution of applying feng shui cure and help some, my readers, to improve their situation and start to appreciate and benefit from the potent Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Follow up of the feng shui effect on Apple new Campus 2 – Part 2

Further to my previous article regarding the follow up of the feng shui effect on Apple new Campus 2 that is causing a lot of problems to Apple, today I have come across another report at that it has been reported that employees at Apple’s new headquarters keep crashing into the glass wall

Apparently, what it is reporting is “Surrounding the Cupertino, Calif.-based building are 45-foot tall curved panels of safety glass. Inside are work spaces, dubbed “pods,” also made with a lot of glass. Apple staff are often glued to the iPhones they helped popularize. That’s resulted in repeated cases of distracted employees walking into the panes, according to people familiar with the incidents”.

Beside common sense tell us that full glass panel will easily cause an accident, I believe that the above reported accident has also caused by the feng shui of the new headquarter, as I have also discussed in my article regarding the feng shui of Apple’s new Campus 2,  in which I have predicted that “I have noticed that there are more than seven (7) entry points or mouth of chi (氣口) in the "spaceship" design. In essence, this will further enhance the fluctuation of the chi pattern inside the new Campus 2 complex. This phenomenon causes an "impure interaction" of the five elements because the element of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth are being mixed up in a dynamic chi environment and will render an unsettled chi field (氣雜). This is not suitable for those employees with weak mind and body(身弱); because they will feel confused or even get sick in these kinds of working conditions”.

In addition, I have noticed from the pictures of the new Campus 2 in that there are still construction works going on in the new complex. In feng shui, construction works are also referred as an external “sha chi” which will directly affect the feng shui of the building.

Lastly, another interesting article that I have read is that in order to fill the massive open landscape of the new headquarter, Apple is buying all the local best trees and the tree people are fighting back! Beside it may seem a bit ridiculous, Apple sure will face another conflict with its neighbors, which I have also predicted in my article. Go figure!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Follow up of the feng shui effects on Apple new Campus 2

A while ago (Feb 2016) I have posted an article on this blog site regarding the feng shui analysis of Apple new Campus 2 HQ:

Apple moved into the new campus in April 2017. Since then, there has been some significant news from Apple which I believed to a certain extent was caused by the feng shui of the new campus, and it has also been predicted in my article of which I will now discuss below:

1. I have written “This imbalanced state of yin/yang chi field fit perfectly into the inauspicious scenario stipulated in one of the classical Chinese feng shui texts, xue xin fu (雪心賦): "things will not bear in yang only conditions, and it will not grow in yin only conditions" (孤陽不生,獨陰不長)! So, just maybe we will start to see some set back from Apple in launching new products and services?

Fact: The launching of Apple new iPhone X did not cause much anticipated strong sale and excitement in the market (refer to the following links)

As a matter of fact, recently there is a rumor that due to disappointing sales of the iPhone X will lead to the cancellation of the model. This would be the first time Apple has canceled an iPhone model after just one generation since the iPhone 5C in 2014!

2. I have also mentioned in my article: “From the artist's picture, we can see that the massive scale (3.1 million square feet), and modern design of the new Campus 2 are entirely not in line or blend into the neighboring landscape. In feng shui terms, this means it cannot fit in harmoniously with the surrounding environment, resulting in conflicts and possible lawsuits from others.

Fact: Currently Apple is facing legal action around the world for deliberately slowing down the older iPhones. It has prompt Apple to apologize publicly and promised to release an update to solve the problem. On Jan 24, 2018, Tim Cook announced Apple will release iOS 11.3 update which gives the user control over iPhone slowdown.

Therefore, if all the feng shui issues of the new campus come true, I am expecting that in times there will be complaints from the occupants of the buildings/homes facing the Campus 2 structure; that they are experiencing poor health and sickness.  

I have discussed this problem in my article:

another important observation is that the round-shape design of the new Campus 2 complex resembles a sickle knife, this is referred as sickle knife sha (鐮刀煞) in luan tao feng shui, which will have adverse effects like health problems and accidents to the occupants of the surrounding buildings and houses. For example, if it is facing at the homes with SE exposure, the occupants of those houses will likely suffer from liver's problems, because metal chops wood and SE ba gua (wood element) is associated with the liver in human body; most likely affecting the eldest daughter or female members in the family between 31 to 45 years old".

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Feng Shui Pick for Amazon HD2

Feng Shui Pick for the new Amazon HQ2

Recently I have read many articles regarding the decision of choosing the winning city for the Amazon HQ2 (will cost at least 5 billion to build and will create at least 50,000 jobs) after Amazon has announced its short list of 20 cities still in the running for HQ2. Consequently, there are numerous predictions from many “experts.” Interestingly, an Irish gambling site now has Boston as the top contender to win with a 3-to-1 odd.

I have read these articles with a lot of interest, and therefore I will join in the fun and offer my personal choice of the winning city based on some feng shui sense. My pick is Toronto, Canada which is the only city outside the US and in October 2017, Paddy Power gave Toronto odds 9-to-1 to win!

In feng shui, we will use the principle of the Four Celestial Animals (四靈山訣) to determine whether a site is auspicious or not. An ideal location shall have the presence of the Four Celestial Animals formation, i.e., green dragon on the left, white tiger at the right, red phoenix at the front and dark tortoise at the back (左青龍, 右白虎, 前朱雀, 後玄武). 

If we look carefully at the above diagram, we can see that Toronto is located in the interior Lowlands, flank by the Coastal Range and Rocky Mountain at the right and the Appalachian Mountains at the left; protected by the Canadian Shield at the back and facing the Coastal Plain at the front! It is no wonder that Toronto has avoided many natural disasters in the past like extensive flooding, powerful hurricane and massive snowstorm unlike Boston and New York which are also among the favorite short-list cities to be chosen by Amazon.

Another auspicious feng shui aspect of Toronto is it is located in the Interior Lowlands and the Great Lake region. This in feng shui is referred as a “treasure bowl” (聚寶盆), which means it will create a lot of good fortune and intellectuals (skilled and talent workers) which is a fundamental requirement for a large corporation’s HD or innovative development. 

Consequently, it is no surprise that Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is teaming with Toronto to begin planning neighborhood designed as a model for urban life in the 21st century and also pledged to relocate Google headquarters in Canada to the new community, called Quayside.

Besides the fact that Toronto is an auspicious pick feng shui wise, Toronto also provides many sound business conditions that will make Jeff Bezos choose Toronto for Amazon next HD. If my readers want to know more about this reasoning, they are welcome to read the article at the following link:


Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Annual Flying Stars' Forecast

In response to the request from many readers of this blog site,  I will now post the annual flying stars’ forecast and feng shui recommendations for the coming Chinese New Year (戊戌 狗年) which will start on Feb 16, 2018, and end on Feb 4, 2019.

This year I am trying a new presentation format. Hopefully, my readers will find it more exciting and informative!

For the first-time reader, I will begin by giving a brief introduction of the characteristics of the nine (9) flying stars and how it will affect the feng shui of the house/living units.

- Number one (1) white star (一白星): This is a “peach-blossom star” (桃花星). Its element is water. It will bring marriage and people luck.

- Number two (2) black star (二黑星): This star will bring illness and poor health, especially gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases. Its element is earth.

- Number three (3) jade star (三碧星): It will cause conflicts, quarrel, and lawsuits. Its element is wood.

- Number four (4) green star (四綠星): It will favor scholar, exam, training and the civilian job. Its element is wood.

- Number five (5) yellow star (五黃星): This is the most vicious star among the nine stars. It will bring deadly diseases (cancers), serious accidents, loss of fortune or even death. Its element is earth.

- Number six (6) white star (六白星): This is the “stagecoach star” (驛馬星) which will bring changes, and favor military or law enforcement profession. Its element is metal.

- Number seven (7) scarlet star (七赤星): This is a robust destroying star in Period Eight. It will cause loss of money, theft/robbery, and serious accidents especially automobile accidents. Its element is metal.

- Number eight (8) white star (八白星): This is the most auspicious in Period Eight (2004 – 2023). It will bring wealth and promotion luck. Its element is earth.

- Number nine (9) purple star (九紫星): This star will bring happy events like marriage and newborn baby. Its element is fire.

The most inauspicious feng shui sector in 2018

In 2018, there is one sector that we must pay particular attention which is the North sector. The reason is the most vicious annual number 5 yellow flying star (五黃廉貞星), and the “three sha” star (三煞) are both flying to the North sector. Simply put, the sha chi will have double strength; therefore, failure of applying proper feng shui cure at this sector will severely affect the well-being of personal and household in 2018 if your entrance door, kitchen, bedroom or working desk is located at the North sector!

In feng shui, there is a rule saying that it is proper to dissipate the energy of the number 5 yellow star rather than fighting against it (宜泄不宜克). In other words, the most efficient and appropriate remedy is to apply metal element to dissipate its earth chi instead of using the wood element to destroy the earth element.

Therefore, my recommendation is to hang 6 old Chinese coins in the North sector of the house and also at the North corner of the bedroom. It is also vital to put three (3) statue of metal Chi Lin or a metal dragon (size is not a factor) in this area to counteract the “three sha” star.

Also, try to avoid too much fire element objects (TV, chargers) and colors (red and purple) furniture at the North sector in 2018 because this will enhance the earth energy of the number 5 yellow star.

In feng shui, we believe that it is not auspicious to have significant construction or to dig in the area where the number 5 yellow and “three sha” star is located. Otherwise, this will cause severe accidents and misfortune. In case that there are repair works that absolutely need to be done in the North sector in 2018, it is critical to start work using an auspicious day and time.

(If my readers need any assistance in this matter, they are welcome to email me directly because I have committed in the past to provide this free service to my faithful followers of this blog site).

The three auspicious money sectors in 2018

The annual money sectors (流年財位) in a house are determined by the location of the number 8 white flying star, the number 6 white flying star and the number 1 white flying star. In 2018, these flying stars are located in the following sectors:

1. SE – The number 8 white flying star is located in the SE sector. It will bring excellent money luck especially property wealth. It is essential to have the proper feng shui arrangement in this area to enjoy good fortune in 2018. Failure to do so will affect the overall household money luck. For example, it is not auspicious to have too many water and wood (green and black color) objects in this area because this will enhance the wood element of the SE sector which in turn will destroy the earth element of the number 8 white flying star.

If your entrance door, bedroom or office is in this sector, I will recommend placing a red or purple color floor mat/carpet to enhance the earth element of the number 8 white flying star. Another good feng shui enhancement is to put 8 small round pebbles or precious stones in a circular copper bowl in this sector. Also, fire and earth element’s objects, furniture and colors are suitable for the SE in 2018.

NOTE: In my professional practice and in my own hose,  I will put a red light (must be on 24/7) at the SE sector in 2108 to enhance the number 8 white flying star.

2. SW – In 2018, the number 6 white flying star is located in the SW sector. It will bring side-money luck (利偏財), promotion, changing of job and immigration; and will affect mostly the female household in the family because the SW ba gua represents the mother in the family. My advice is to make sure that the SW sector in the house must always be appropriately maintained, clean, dry and bright. As to the proper feng shui enhancement, I believe by putting some precious stone or expensive ceramics; best to be in a total number of eight (8) in this sector will also enhance the metal element of the number 6 white flying star.

3. NW – In 2018, the number 1 white flying star is located in the NW sector. It is associated with quick or side money luck; for example, someone who likes to gamble, buying lottery tickets or invest in stock market. In 2018, this star will fly to the NW sector. Since its element is water, it will enhance the metal element of the NW sector. Again, since the NW ba gua represents the father of the family, therefore, the male household in the family will likely benefit from the number 1 white flying star in 2018!

My suggestion is to place six (6) old Chinese coins in a round ceramic bowl filled with water in this area. This will generate a creative cycle of earth bears metal and metal carries water, where water = money (水為財).

There is one concern is the 2018 “tai shui” (太歲) is also located at the NW. Therefore, try to avoid major construction works in this sector, especially for those people born in the year of the ox, dog, rooster, dragon, and lamb.

SIDE NOTE: since the number 1 white flying star is also referred as the “peach blossom” star (桃花星), it will bring romance or personal luck in 2018. For those people who are seeking romance luck or working in the sale and PR profession, by putting water plants or bright colors flower at this sector will favor them in 2018.

Now, let us continue to discuss the other remaining 2018 annual flying stars:

The number 4 green star

Although this star is not considered a timely star (当運星) in Period Eight (2004 -2023), it will still bring scholar luck to the family. In 2018, this star is located in the south sector. Therefore, it is favorable to move the children study desk or bed to this sector. My recommendation is to place four (4) luck bamboo plant in a jar filled with water at the South sector and at the top left corner of the studying desk in the house, this will enhance the children scholar luck like good grades in the study and exam to name a few!

The number 3 jade star

This star will bring conflicts, argument, and lawsuits. In 2018, it will fly to the NE sector. Therefore, if the sitting or dining area is located in this sector, very likely it will cause some quarrel and argument between the family members. On the other hand, it is auspicious to the differentiation profession like lawyers.

If the entrance door, bedroom or office is located at the NE sector, by putting a red or purple color carpet in this area will help to counteract the effect of the annual number 3 jade star. Also, placing a red light on this area will also help.

The number 2 black star

Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, the number 2 black flying star is considered as the illness star (病符星), it will carry serious diseases and health problems everywhere it goes. In 2018, it will fly to the west sector. Therefore, it is vital for every family to apply feng shui cure to counteract this illness star, in particular when the entrance door, central sitting area, bed or kitchen stove is located in the west sector.

Also, we must be cautious about the general health of the family, a medical check-up at the beginning of the year is my friendly advice.

Furthermore, it is essential that this sector is well maintained, clean, bright, dry and free of clutters. My recommendation is to hang 8 old Chinese coins and a small metal wu-lo in the west sector of the house and in the western corner of every bedroom as feng shui remedies.  If it happened that the entrance door, bedroom or kitchen is located in this sector, it is best to place a grey or white color carpet to counteract the ill effect of the number 2 black star in addition to the above feng shui cure. 

The number 7 scarlet star

This star will fly to the east sector in 2018. Since it is not a timely star, therefore, the eastern area of the house is not an auspicious feng shui area in 2018 especially when the entrance door or windows are opened to the east.

The number 7 scarlet flying star will bring destruction, loss, gossips, and scandal. The efficient feng shui cur that we can apply is to place a black or green color carpet in these areas together with a small container of water.

The number 9 purple star

The auspicious number 9 purple flying star is located at the center place in 2018. This star referred as a sheng chi (生氣星) in Period Eight, it will bring joyful events to the house, for example, marriage, having children, promotion, etc. Therefore, in 2018, it is crucial to maintain the center area of the house clean, bright and well ventilated and this will benefit mainly the female household in the family.

My recommendation is to place red or purple carpet and red light (must be on 24/7) in this area to enhance this flying star. One precaution is to avoid having too much fire element objects and colors at the center of the house, as the excess of fire element energy will stimulate the earth chi of the number 5 yellow base star at the center palace which will cause stomach, eye problems, heart disease and stroke!

NOTE: If you are not born in the year of the Rooster, it is best to apply the above feng shui cure on Feb 4, 2018 (Sunday), 11am - 3 pm or 9 - 11 pm

                                                         Period Eight Flying Stars Chart

My predictions of world affairs in 2018

This year I will also start to post my brief commentary of the 2018 annual flying stars’ effects and its influence on different parts of the world based on the concept of "big tai chi" (大太極).

In feng shui, when applying the "big tai chi" (大太極), we always placed China at the center palace (中宮) and project the ba gua into different parts of the world. For example, the United States, and Japan are located in the East sector; North Korea is located in the NE sector, Russia is located in the North sector; England, Germany, and France are situated in the West sector, etc.

The method that I applied is to study the flying stars’ combination effects (雙星加會) between the Period Eight flying stars (八運飛星) and the 2018 annual flying stars (流年飛星) in the region.

Center palace [8,9] combination

This auspicious combination implies that conflicts in the world will ease up a bit and there will be the enlightenment of the cultural industry. However, since the energy of the number 9 purple flying star will be dissipated by the number 8 white flying star, which means that the world economy especially the property and stock market will be experiencing some setback and volatile situations especially in the early part of 2018.

North [4,5] combination

This combination implies wood destroying the earth element, as I mentioned above, it is not proper to agitate the vicious number 5 yellow flying star as this will double its destruction effect. Therefore, I anticipate conflicts and set back to the economy. Also, it is very likely that the countries in this region will face the spreading of infectious disease and natural disasters in 2018.

SW [5,6] combination

The 2018 annual number 6 white flying star will dissipate the energy of the Period Eight number 5 yellow flying star which is responsible for conflicts and warfare. Simply put, in 2018, the tense relationship between the countries in this region will not be too severe.

East [6,7] combination

This combination is referred as “sword fighting sha” (交劍煞). This implies that this region will most likely experience serious accidents especially in transportation, territorial and political conflicts. My primary concern is there might be the possibility of military activities in this area in 2018!

SE [7,8] combination

The 2018 annual number 8 white flying star will enhance the Period Eight 7 scarlet flying star. This implies that this region will be affected by the changes of the economic conditions and political issues. Nonetheless, since the number 8 white star is the most auspicious flying star in Period Eight, this will still bring some good feng shui fortune to this region.  

NW [9,1] combination

This flying star combination indicates a conflict between fire and water (水火不容), which means that both the favorable effect of the auspicious number 9 purple flying star and the number 1 black flying star will be affected as a result. Therefore, this implies that the overall economic development is difficult to have the breakthrough in this region.

West [1,2] combination

The 2018 number 2 black flying star will bring the severe set back to this region because the earth element will destroy the water chi of the Period Eight number 1 white flying star. Therefore, it is difficult to have tremendous economic growth especially the stock market and currency in this part of the world. Also, there is the opportunity for some countries leaders experiencing poor health conditions. 

NE [2,3] combination

This combination is referred as “bullfighting sha” (鬥牛煞), i.e., the wood element of the 2018 number 3 jade flying star is fighting with the earth element of the Period Eight number 2 black flying star. This implies that conflicts among countries and severe stomach and infectious diseases will very likely happen in this region in 2018.

South [3,4] combination

In this combination, the 2018 number 4 green flying star will feed energy to the Period Eight number 3 jade flying star. This will cause conflicts in this region accordingly.

To conclude, I will take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2018, Year of the Dog 戊戌狗年!

PS – Since I take pride in my works, thus, it requires much preparation time to post the informative and educated feng shui articles on my blog site. Nonetheless, for me to do this, I need your kind support. Therefore, if you find my feng shui postings helpful and informative, I am grateful if you will give your support by providing donations to this blog site (any amount, like $10, $20 are welcome). Just click on the yellow “donate” button to the right side of the blog page. I appreciate very much for all your support!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Part 2 – confusion in how to determine the facing/sitting direction of the individual unit to calculate the natal chart

Part 2 – confusion in how to determine the facing/sitting direction of the individual unit to calculate the natal chart

I believe this is one of the greatest feng shui confusion regarding high-rise condominium buildings as there are many different approaches even among the “masters”. In Hong Kong, it is very common that each individual unit in high-rise condominium has different entrance door orientation; very often they are not in line with the main entrance of the building. Therefore, some “masters” will use the side of the building facing the main road as the facing direction of the unit, others will use the side where the house number is located; another school of thought will use the side with the most window exposure as the facing direction (以陽為向) of the unit to calculate the natal or flying stars chart. Of course, the majority of the practitioners will use the entrance door of each individual unit to determine the facing direction instead.

So, which is the proper method then? Well, all I can say is it all depends. In my practice, I will calculate the natal chart of both the main entrance door of the building and the entrance door of the individual unit, and compare the results of the two natal charts, i.e. to confirm with my client some events happened based on the revelation from each individual chart. This will give me some idea which chart is more compatible with the feng shui of the unit. Of course, this requires extensive knowledge of the implications of the 81 flying star combinations and the influence of the annual and monthly flying stars.

However, even with this approach, I still find out that it is not really as effective in comparison with a single detached house where the entrance door is in line with the facing direction of the house. Therefore, I believe that there must be a more logical and scientific way to solve this problem. As we all know, under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, the natal chart is basically showing the chi pattern (flying star combinations) at the nine (9) sectors of the house, which is indicated by the combination of the facing, sitting and base star of the sector. It is critical to have an accurate reading of the facing/sitting direction in order to obtain an accurate finding of the feng shui for the unit.

Lately, I have been given this matter a lot of thoughts and after many research from the classical feng shui texts, I have come up with another approach which I believe will make more sense in this context.

Firstly, I believe once the foundation work has been started, both the front and back of the building (orientation) is already clearly defined. Simply put, the sitting and facing direction of the building is already fixed.

Secondly, in feng shui, we believe that chi is attracted through the entrance door which is also referred as the “mouth of chi”. Thus, in theory, the facing direction shall be determined by the facing of the entrance door.

Thirdly, under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui ideas, all the units of a high-rise condominium building are referred as “separate” room (分房), since they are under the same roof of the building, therefore they are sharing the same chi pattern of the building.

Based on the above theory, I have come up with a different approach of calculating the natal chart for the units where its entrance doors’ facing direction is different from the main structure: the sitting/mountain star will be based on the sitting direction of the main building while the facing/water star shall be based on the facing direction of each individual unit’s entrance door instead.

In order to prove that this is the right approach, it is necessary to perform some real-life study. With this in mind, I am going to offer this opportunity to those readers of my blog site who are currently living in high-rise condominium; and are interested in assisting me in this research a free feng shui study. It will limit to the first 50 families. If you are interested, you can email me directly.

PS – Since I take pride in my works, I will always take much preparation time to post the informative and educated feng shui articles on my blog site. Nonetheless, in order for me to do this, I need your support. Therefore, if you find my feng shui postings helpful and informative, I am grateful if you will give your support by giving donations to this blog site (any amount, like $10, $20 are welcome). You can simply click on the “donate” button on the bottom right of the blog page. Thank you very much for your support!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two major feng shui problems for high-rise condominium buidlings

After returning from a current trip to visit my son in Hong Kong, I have noticed that there are two important feng shui problems for people living in high-rise condominium buildings. I will discuss them in two parts as follow:

Part 1 – confused chi field caused by the steel reinforcement inside the concrete structure

Actually, I experienced this effect first-hand when I was checking out the feng shui of my son’s apartment. As I was measuring the compass orientation inside the unit to decide the Ba Gua map, I experienced immense difficulty trying to obtain an accurate reading, because the needle of my Lo Pan moved all over the place when I moved around the unit! At the end, I wound up taking the compass reading outside the building!

The main reason for this problem is primarily caused by the steel reinforcement inside the concrete structure which is affecting the magnetic needle of the Lo Pan (compass). In feng shui theory, this means that the chi field (磁場) inside the unit is not steady or pure, and this will cause health issues such as a headache, poor concentration in works and stress. In some serious cases where the occupants are considered as “weak body” (身弱) under the Ba Zi / Four Pillars Destiny System (for example, people with wood birth element was born in the Winter months); this may cause brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.  As a matter of fact, one of my previous clients who are living in a high-rise condominium unit in Toronto always complaining she has a constant headache and cannot sleep properly.

Therefore, after some serious thinking, I have come up with an effective feng shui cure and applied it in my son’s unit accordingly. So far so good for my son…😊 

Here I am glad to share this idea with my readers who are currently living in high-rise condominium buildings. Basically, what I have done is on an auspicious date and time, I put a professional Chinese feng shui Lo Pan at the center of my son’s unit (which happened to be the living room), where the chi field is strongest accordingly to feng shui theory.

At this time, some readers will question why using a feng shui Lo Pan, right? Well, let me explained my logic behind this idea. As we all know, the Chinese feng shui Lo Pan is a tool used by the feng shui practitioners to measure the complete feng shui of the house. All the engraved feng shui symbols such as yin/yang, heavenly branches and earthly stems, Ba Gua map, five elements, four celestial animals, 24 Mountains etc., all of these include a lot of energy which will counteract any sha chi and to a major extent it will create a unique environment of balanced chi field. In feng shui theory, it is applying the chi of the Early Heaven (先天) to dissolve the invisible Later Heaven (后天) sha chi.