Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is this feng shui or accident?


Recently, there was a car accident happened in my neighbourhood which is in Markham, Ontario. On December 8, 2012 around 1am, an intoxicated driver lost control of his car and smashed into the driveway of a house, hit a car parked at the driveway and pushed it back into the garage and causing serious damage to the garage (see attached picture). 

Many people will think that this is just an unfortunate accident. However, what caught my attention is why it was only happened at this particular house? The house is not located at a T-junction road anyway. Therefore, I picked up my Lo Pan and walked down to the house which is very close to my house and done some measuring and took some pictures. What I have found out is this accident was in fact related to feng shui.  This is based on my studying of the flying stars combinations at the North sector of the house which is the garage and the main entrance. Let me explain this in details below:

1. The natal chart for the house, a Period 7 house with North, offset facing direction [兼向]:

1                3
6                 7
8                 5
9                4
2                 2
4                9
5                8
7              6
3                 1

The [7, 6] flying star combination at the North sector is referred as the “sword-fencing sha” [交劍煞] in XKFSFS. This implies the 7- red metal star clashes with the 6- white metal star; which denotes the opportunities of conflicts, accidents, most likely car accidents. However, it doesn’t mean that the house will suffer from these effects all the time. It will depend on whether there are any supported flying stars (which include the annual, monthly, daily and hourly flying stars) at this sector to trigger its happening. So, let us now take a look at the natal charts of all the above flying stars to see whether any of the above flying stars are responsible for this accident:

  2. 2012 annual flying star chart



In 2012, the untimely number 2 earth star is located at the North sector. Since the North sector of the Later Heaven Ba Gua is associated with the male household, this indicates the male household will suffer from serious illness or misfortune in 2012. Furthermore, since the number 2 star is associated with the fire element in the Early Heaven Ba Gua, its interaction with the number 7 metal sitting star, which was [2, 7] combination implies serious accidents and most likely fire hazards.

3. 2012 December monthly flying star chart


The number 9 monthly star at the North sector destroyed the metal element of the [6, 7] flying star combination at the North sector.  This will serve as the “trigger” of its effect.

 4. 2012 December 8 daily flying star chart


The number 9 daily flying star at the North sector had reinforce the power of the number 9 monthly flying star and its effect on the [6, 7] flying star combination at the North sector.

 5. 2012 December 8, 1am hourly flying star chart


The number 5 hourly flying star at the North sector also served as the “trigger” of this accident, as it is the most vicious flying star in Period Eight (2004-2023). This star will cause serious accidents and misfortune and even causing death. Its effect in this incident was very powerful because it was being enforced by the fire element from the above annual, monthly and daily flying stars.

 Final conclusion:
Based on the analysis of the above natal charts, we can see that all the various flying stars (annual, monthly, daily and hourly) have all contributed to “trigger” this accident. Therefore, it has explained why the above accident occurred at this house and at the precise month, day and time. This was definitely not a random accident. In fact, should the house owner is a follower of the potent  Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui and had applied the preventive feng shui cures at the North sector of the house, I am certain that this accident will be avoided.



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nine (9) feng shui taboo for master bedroom

DIY Feng Shui – Something that the Feng Shui Masters will not reveal to you

Part Three – Nine (9) feng shui taboo for master bedroom

The feng shui of the master bedroom is considered as one of the most important sectors in a house. While the feng shui of the living room will affect the husband, the feng shui of the master bedroom will affect the health and relationship of the couple, and even the offspring luck.
There are numerous feng shui guidelines for the master bedroom, here I will list the nine most important guidelines for the reader’s attention, and hopefully this will help them to enjoy a good feng shui master bedroom:

1. The lighting cannot be too bright
- Unlike the living room, the lighting in the master bedroom cannot be too bright, as this is a room of serenity and sensuality. If the lighting is too bright in the master bedroom, it will cause relationship and health problems.

2. The master bedroom cannot be too big or too small
- If the area of the master bedroom is too large, this will cause overwhelming and betrayal behaviours, gossips and difficulty in getting things done. On the other hand, if the area of the master bedroom is too small, this will creates male chauvinism behaviour to the husband, and narrow-minded attitude to the wife.

3. There must no overhead beam above the bed
- If there is a beam above the bed, it will cause health problems to the couple, especially to the head and the nervous system. This will also cause sleeping issues, and because of the psychological feeling of the pressure from the beam, it will affect the performance in work and achievement.

Note: In feng shui, the beam is considered as wood element. Thus, if the person’s birth element is wood, then sleeping under the beam will have little effect on this person.

 4. No solid support for the bed
- Under traditional feng shui guidelines, there must be a solid support for the bed, like a solid wall.  If the bed is against a glass window/door, or there is empty space behind the headboard, this will cause lack of communication and bad relationship between the couple. In the case of a single person, he/she will have difficulty to attract romance luck.

5. No blockage of the bedroom door
- If the master bedroom door is always blocked by objects or furniture, besides causing bad luck, this will cause the relationship of the couple to deteriorate from misunderstanding to each other. Many times, one of the partners will have the tendency of not wanting to stay at home.

6. Mirror facing the master bedroom door
- If the mirror is the first thing that someone see when entering into the bedroom, this indicates the opportunity of deteriorating relationship of the couple because of the involvement of third party. If single, this will cause tremendous difficulty in attracting romance.

7. Hanging religious or negative meanings pictures or calligraphy
- In feng shui, it is not auspicious to hang or display religious or negative meanings pictures or calligraphy as this is considered as “lonely or solitude sha” [孤煞].For single person, this means the remote possibilities of marriage; while for the married couple, this will cause misunderstanding and communication problems, and lack of intimacy relationship.

8. Hanging beautiful girl pictures on the sides of the bed
- This will attract inauspicious yin energy and causing health issues. This will also attract extramarital affairs causing breaking up of the marriage.

9. There must be no fish tank inside the master bedroom
- If there is a fish tank inside the master bedroom, this will cause upset feelings and will affect the relationship of the couple.

Types of buildings or structures (luan tao) that will affect the feng shui of the house

DIY Feng Shui – Something that the Feng Shui Masters will not reveal to you

Part Two – Types of buildings or structures (luan tao) that will affect the feng shui of the house
1. Hospital:
- There are patients in the hospital and the opportunity of spreading the germs and disease.
- Most of the patients in the hospital are suffered from bad luck, and thus causing the culmination of misfortune and negative energy. This will affect the chi pattern of its surrounding.

- Since there are many operations (sha chi) performed daily in the hospital, it will also affect the surrounding.

Therefore, if you are now living near or next to a hospital, there are three ways to counteract its negative energy fields:

a) Make sure that the entrance door and windows are facing the auspicious directions in order to attract the positive energy to the house.
b) Keep the house well maintained, ample natural ventilation and hygienic to prevent germs entering into the house.

c) It is best to have some kinds of religious belief; this will help to cleanse the negative energy in the house.

2. Temple, Church
Under the traditional feng shui, temple and church are considered as “solitary sha” which is not auspicious. Since these buildings are the houses or gathering places for the gods and spirits, this will affect the chi pattern or energy field of the surrounding and will affect the behaviour of the people living next or close to them. For example, they will always feel lonely and easily have two extreme behaviour; either violent temper or very timid.

 3. Transmission Tower
The transmission tower for TV or cable signals will generate a very strong electromagnetic field, and therefore affect the chi pattern of its surrounding. Furthermore, because of its pointed shaped structure, people living near to them will most likely suffering from either accidents or metal problems.

4. Police Station, Fire Station
In feng shui, the police station is considered as a very strong yin energy building or “solitary sha” [孤陽不生, 獨陰不長] People living near to them will have poor health and many conflicts or arguments. As to the fire station, beside it has the same effect as the police station, additional it will cause serious accidents due to the front door of the fire station is painted with bright red color.

Note: If the profession of the people living close to the police station and fire station are also policeman or fireman themselves, then there will have no effect on them.

5. Government buildings or institutions
The government buildings like courthouse are considered as very strong yang energy buildings just like the police station and fire station at the above. If living directly facing at them, the family will most likely suffering from mental problems, law suits and serious accidents.

6. School 
There are a lot of people believe living near or close to a school is good feng shui because it is an education institute, nonetheless, in reality it is just a feng shui myth due to the following feng shui reasons:

- School is not a commercial building which has little economical influence.

-  Most of the schools only has students at the day time and become an empty place at night, and in the day time, it is mostly young students or small children which their yang energy are still very weak; therefore, this will create a weak yang energy and strong yan energy environment. Consequently, people living near tot the school will have poor wealth luck and difficulties in getting thing done.

 7. Market
In feng shui, we believe living on top and next to a market will cause poor and unstable conditions in the family due to the following reasons:

- There will be smells from the foods and fish; this is considered as “smell sha” [味煞] in feng shui.

- Poor hygienic conditions in the market which will cause the accumulation of germs, this is referred as “germ sha” [ 細菌] in feng shui.

- All the meats sold in the market will likely carry the spirits from animals and will accumulate in the market place; this will cause the accumulation of the yin or negative energy in the area.

8. Theatres, Opera House, Sports Arena
Every day, there are only a few shows scheduled in the theatres, concert hall etc., and when the show is on, there will be gathering of many audiences. When the show is finished, the place will leave empty after the audience are gone. This kind of phenomenon is referred as “uncertainty of gathering and dispersing of yang energy” [聚散無常] in feng shui which is not auspicious. This will affect the chi pattern in the surrounding; therefore, people living close to these kinds of buildings will most likely suffering from uncertainty in their luck and job.

9. Transformer station, High Tension Electrical Transformer Tower
These kinds of structures are associated with the fire element in feng shui and have immense effect on the chi pattern or magnetic field; this will also affect the brain, heart and blood of the human body. Thus, living close to the above structures will likely suffering the following health issues:

- Heart and cardiovascular disease

- Brain tumour or mental disease

- Impulsive behaviour and easily making mistakes

Note: According to a research study of children living near to transformer towers, the likelihood of them suffering from leukemia is almost double the chance from ordinary children.

 10. Garbage Collection Center
Under the belief of the Buddhism, the spirits will like to gathering at dark and smelly places, for example, the forests, garbage collection centers etc. Therefore, it is very likely that the spirits will enter into the surrounding houses. The haunted house will cause mental problems and bad fortune to the family. The effective feng shui cure to counteract this effect is to place a red light beside the entrance door and the light must turn on 24/7.

11. Wind Turbines
Recently, in many parts of the world, wind turbines are becoming a popular alternative green energy source. However, it is also one of the most controversial topics which lead to many legal disputes. A lot of the people living close to the wind turbine or the so-called wind farm claimed that they have suffered from many health problems and costing depreciation of their property value. However, up to the current moment, there is still no credited scientific proof that the wind turbine will cause health problems to the people living close to them. If the readers are interested in this topic, they can refer to one of my older posting about wind chimes in this blog site.



DIY Feng Shui – Something the Feng Shui Masters will not reveal to you
Part One – Entrance Door
There are many conditions surround us that will affect the feng shui of our house, for instance, the surrounding environment, the entrance door, location of the master bed and study desk etc.  Among them, the most important one is the main entrance door. The reason is every day the family will come and go through the entrance door, which is similar to the mouth of the human body. As soon as it has problem, we need to heal the problem as soon as possible to prevent major illness. Thus, if the entrance door is properly designed accordingly to feng shui ideas, it will surely bring us tremendous luck both in terms of monetary and health.
So, does it mean that the roads or open space in front of the entrance door the wider the better in feng shui? The answer is not exactly!  For example, if the entrance door of a single detached house is facing a vast open space without any fence or vegetation in front of the door, it is not considered auspicious in feng shui because the chi got scattered by the wind and cannot be retained. This implies the occupants in the house will not have any intent to stay in the house and always like to wandering away from the house. On the other hand, this has less effect on a housing complex or high rise condominium.

1. The size of the entrance door must be in proportion with the total area of the house. It is not auspicious to have a big house will small entrance door and vice versa. For instance, if the house is small and the entrance door is big, this implies that the house cannot contain the chi when entering the house, in other words, the household will have difficulty saving money.

2. It is not auspicious to have the edge of the roof from other buildings or roads directly facing the entrance door. If the entrance door is directly facing a road (which is referred as "pistol sha" in feng shui), we can plant some trees to protect from the sha chi of the road or we can relocate the entrance door as countermeasures.

Note: In some cases where the timely facing star is located at the entrance star, and it is facing a road or "pistol sha", it will instead enhance the feng shui of the house. This is referred as “charging the joyful palace and creates precious treasure or [沖起樂宮無價寶] under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. This explains why some houses where the entrance doors are facing directly at a road are enjoying good feng shui. Nonetheless, the luck will change after the facing star becomes untimely based on the Three Eras and the Nine Cycles time span [三元九運].

3. It is not auspicious to have the entrance door facing a temple as it is believe that these buildings contain gods and spirits (yin energy). In feng shui, it is also not auspicious to have the back door facing a temple. This will cause the presence of spirits, drunkards, unconsciousness and idle behaviour in the household.

4.  When the entrance door is facing any knife-like sharp edges, for example, the edge of the roof of another building etc., this will cause health problems, conflicts and argument to the household.

5. If the entrance door is blocked by a large tree, this will affect the circulation of air and light into the house, furthermore, it will also block the negative energy from exiting the house; this will result in the culmination of too much yin energy in the house which is not auspicious.

6. It is not auspicious to have the entrance door facing an electric or light pole. The electromagnetic fields will affect our body and if facing it for a long time, it will affect our health and most likely the brain.

7. When an entrance door is facing a dead end alley or a solid wall, this will block the chi entering into the house. This will affect the promotion luck in work and passing of examination in study.

8. If the entrance door is facing a broken house, or a house with no windows and with no people living in it, it will cause spirits entering into the house, strange diseases and legal disputes.

9. If the entrance door is facing the same direction of the flowing water (roads) in front of the house, it denotes the difficulty of retaining money in the house.

10. If the entrance door is facing an alley way between two buildings, it will bring bad luck to the family, most likely thefts and accidents. If the alley way is facing the back door, it denotes internal thefts in the house. This effect will not be too strong if the alley way is wide, on the other hand, the effect will be very strong if the alley way is long and narrow.

11. If the entrance door is facing a river or a “Y” intersection of roadway, it will bring poor health and money luck.

12. It is not auspicious to have the entrance door directly in line with the back door. This is referred as “needle hanging sha” in feng shui.

13. If there is a high mountain in front of the entrance door, this will cause the happening of servant deceiving master, neurasthenia, unsuccessful career and poor promotion luck.

14. If there are large landscape rocks and waterfalls at the front of the house, it is not considered auspicious in feng shui. This may cause tumours in the body.  In fact, this kind of landscape features is more appropriate to locate at the sides of the house. If the landscaping feature is at a fair distance away from the entrance door and the occupants cannot hear the noise of the waterfalls, then the harmful effect is not as serious. Nonetheless, If the occupant can hear the noise of the waterfalls because it is very loud, then it implies arrogant and wasteful behaviour in the family.

15. There is one feng shui myth saying that the entrance door must be installed on the “green dragon side” (which is the left side of the house facing out), claiming that it is not auspicious to have the entrance door installed on the “white tiger” side (which is the left side of the house facing out). This saying is absolutely folly and without any feng shui grounds. If this is the absolute rule, then why do we still have to hire the feng shui professionals to decide the auspicious facing direction of the facing door?

16. Lastly, when deciding the feng shui of the entrance door, it is better to measure with the Lo Pan and the consideration of the outside environment, for example, the route of the water (roads), chi movement etc. It is not appropriate to base on the kua number or BaZi of a person to determine the facing direction of the entrance door. In other words, the kua number of the BaZi system is more appropriate in applying to the furniture layout inside the house.