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2018 Annual Flying Stars' Forecast

In response to the request from many readers of this blog site,  I will now post the annual flying stars’ forecast and feng shui recommendations for the coming Chinese New Year (戊戌 狗年) which will start on Feb 16, 2018, and end on Feb 4, 2019.

This year I am trying a new presentation format. Hopefully, my readers will find it more exciting and informative!

For the first-time reader, I will begin by giving a brief introduction of the characteristics of the nine (9) flying stars and how it will affect the feng shui of the house/living units.

- Number one (1) white star (一白星): This is a “peach-blossom star” (桃花星). Its element is water. It will bring marriage and people luck.

- Number two (2) black star (二黑星): This star will bring illness and poor health, especially gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases. Its element is earth.

- Number three (3) jade star (三碧星): It will cause conflicts, quarrel, and lawsuits. Its element is wood.

- Number four (4) green star (四綠星): It will favor scholar, exam, training and the civilian job. Its element is wood.

- Number five (5) yellow star (五黃星): This is the most vicious star among the nine stars. It will bring deadly diseases (cancers), serious accidents, loss of fortune or even death. Its element is earth.

- Number six (6) white star (六白星): This is the “stagecoach star” (驛馬星) which will bring changes, and favor military or law enforcement profession. Its element is metal.

- Number seven (7) scarlet star (七赤星): This is a robust destroying star in Period Eight. It will cause loss of money, theft/robbery, and serious accidents especially automobile accidents. Its element is metal.

- Number eight (8) white star (八白星): This is the most auspicious in Period Eight (2004 – 2023). It will bring wealth and promotion luck. Its element is earth.

- Number nine (9) purple star (九紫星): This star will bring happy events like marriage and newborn baby. Its element is fire.

The most inauspicious feng shui sector in 2018

In 2018, there is one sector that we must pay particular attention which is the North sector. The reason is the most vicious annual number 5 yellow flying star (五黃廉貞星), and the “three sha” star (三煞) are both flying to the North sector. Simply put, the sha chi will have double strength; therefore, failure of applying proper feng shui cure at this sector will severely affect the well-being of personal and household in 2018 if your entrance door, kitchen, bedroom or working desk is located at the North sector!

In feng shui, there is a rule saying that it is proper to dissipate the energy of the number 5 yellow star rather than fighting against it (宜泄不宜克). In other words, the most efficient and appropriate remedy is to apply metal element to dissipate its earth chi instead of using the wood element to destroy the earth element.

Therefore, my recommendation is to hang 6 old Chinese coins in the North sector of the house and also at the North corner of the bedroom. It is also vital to put three (3) statue of metal Chi Lin or a metal dragon (size is not a factor) in this area to counteract the “three sha” star.

Also, try to avoid too much fire element objects (TV, chargers) and colors (red and purple) furniture at the North sector in 2018 because this will enhance the earth energy of the number 5 yellow star.

In feng shui, we believe that it is not auspicious to have significant construction or to dig in the area where the number 5 yellow and “three sha” star is located. Otherwise, this will cause severe accidents and misfortune. In case that there are repair works that absolutely need to be done in the North sector in 2018, it is critical to start work using an auspicious day and time.

(If my readers need any assistance in this matter, they are welcome to email me directly because I have committed in the past to provide this free service to my faithful followers of this blog site).

The three auspicious money sectors in 2018

The annual money sectors (流年財位) in a house are determined by the location of the number 8 white flying star, the number 6 white flying star and the number 1 white flying star. In 2018, these flying stars are located in the following sectors:

1. SE – The number 8 white flying star is located in the SE sector. It will bring excellent money luck especially property wealth. It is essential to have the proper feng shui arrangement in this area to enjoy good fortune in 2018. Failure to do so will affect the overall household money luck. For example, it is not auspicious to have too many water and wood (green and black color) objects in this area because this will enhance the wood element of the SE sector which in turn will destroy the earth element of the number 8 white flying star.

If your entrance door, bedroom or office is in this sector, I will recommend placing a red or purple color floor mat/carpet to enhance the earth element of the number 8 white flying star. Another good feng shui enhancement is to put 8 small round pebbles or precious stones in a circular copper bowl in this sector. Also, fire and earth element’s objects, furniture and colors are suitable for the SE in 2018.

NOTE: In my professional practice and in my own hose,  I will put a red light (must be on 24/7) at the SE sector in 2108 to enhance the number 8 white flying star.

2. SW – In 2018, the number 6 white flying star is located in the SW sector. It will bring side-money luck (利偏財), promotion, changing of job and immigration; and will affect mostly the female household in the family because the SW ba gua represents the mother in the family. My advice is to make sure that the SW sector in the house must always be appropriately maintained, clean, dry and bright. As to the proper feng shui enhancement, I believe by putting some precious stone or expensive ceramics; best to be in a total number of eight (8) in this sector will also enhance the metal element of the number 6 white flying star.

3. NW – In 2018, the number 1 white flying star is located in the NW sector. It is associated with quick or side money luck; for example, someone who likes to gamble, buying lottery tickets or invest in stock market. In 2018, this star will fly to the NW sector. Since its element is water, it will enhance the metal element of the NW sector. Again, since the NW ba gua represents the father of the family, therefore, the male household in the family will likely benefit from the number 1 white flying star in 2018!

My suggestion is to place six (6) old Chinese coins in a round ceramic bowl filled with water in this area. This will generate a creative cycle of earth bears metal and metal carries water, where water = money (水為財).

There is one concern is the 2018 “tai shui” (太歲) is also located at the NW. Therefore, try to avoid major construction works in this sector, especially for those people born in the year of the ox, dog, rooster, dragon, and lamb.

SIDE NOTE: since the number 1 white flying star is also referred as the “peach blossom” star (桃花星), it will bring romance or personal luck in 2018. For those people who are seeking romance luck or working in the sale and PR profession, by putting water plants or bright colors flower at this sector will favor them in 2018.

Now, let us continue to discuss the other remaining 2018 annual flying stars:

The number 4 green star

Although this star is not considered a timely star (当運星) in Period Eight (2004 -2023), it will still bring scholar luck to the family. In 2018, this star is located in the south sector. Therefore, it is favorable to move the children study desk or bed to this sector. My recommendation is to place four (4) luck bamboo plant in a jar filled with water at the South sector and at the top left corner of the studying desk in the house, this will enhance the children scholar luck like good grades in the study and exam to name a few!

The number 3 jade star

This star will bring conflicts, argument, and lawsuits. In 2018, it will fly to the NE sector. Therefore, if the sitting or dining area is located in this sector, very likely it will cause some quarrel and argument between the family members. On the other hand, it is auspicious to the differentiation profession like lawyers.

If the entrance door, bedroom or office is located at the NE sector, by putting a red or purple color carpet in this area will help to counteract the effect of the annual number 3 jade star. Also, placing a red light on this area will also help.

The number 2 black star

Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, the number 2 black flying star is considered as the illness star (病符星), it will carry serious diseases and health problems everywhere it goes. In 2018, it will fly to the west sector. Therefore, it is vital for every family to apply feng shui cure to counteract this illness star, in particular when the entrance door, central sitting area, bed or kitchen stove is located in the west sector.

Also, we must be cautious about the general health of the family, a medical check-up at the beginning of the year is my friendly advice.

Furthermore, it is essential that this sector is well maintained, clean, bright, dry and free of clutters. My recommendation is to hang 8 old Chinese coins and a small metal wu-lo in the west sector of the house and in the western corner of every bedroom as feng shui remedies.  If it happened that the entrance door, bedroom or kitchen is located in this sector, it is best to place a grey or white color carpet to counteract the ill effect of the number 2 black star in addition to the above feng shui cure. 

The number 7 scarlet star

This star will fly to the east sector in 2018. Since it is not a timely star, therefore, the eastern area of the house is not an auspicious feng shui area in 2018 especially when the entrance door or windows are opened to the east.

The number 7 scarlet flying star will bring destruction, loss, gossips, and scandal. The efficient feng shui cur that we can apply is to place a black or green color carpet in these areas together with a small container of water.

The number 9 purple star

The auspicious number 9 purple flying star is located at the center place in 2018. This star referred as a sheng chi (生氣星) in Period Eight, it will bring joyful events to the house, for example, marriage, having children, promotion, etc. Therefore, in 2018, it is crucial to maintain the center area of the house clean, bright and well ventilated and this will benefit mainly the female household in the family.

My recommendation is to place red or purple carpet and red light (must be on 24/7) in this area to enhance this flying star. One precaution is to avoid having too much fire element objects and colors at the center of the house, as the excess of fire element energy will stimulate the earth chi of the number 5 yellow base star at the center palace which will cause stomach, eye problems, heart disease and stroke!

NOTE: If you are not born in the year of the Rooster, it is best to apply the above feng shui cure on Feb 4, 2018 (Sunday), 11am - 3 pm or 9 - 11 pm

                                                         Period Eight Flying Stars Chart

My predictions of world affairs in 2018

This year I will also start to post my brief commentary of the 2018 annual flying stars’ effects and its influence on different parts of the world based on the concept of "big tai chi" (大太極).

In feng shui, when applying the "big tai chi" (大太極), we always placed China at the center palace (中宮) and project the ba gua into different parts of the world. For example, the United States, and Japan are located in the East sector; North Korea is located in the NE sector, Russia is located in the North sector; England, Germany, and France are situated in the West sector, etc.

The method that I applied is to study the flying stars’ combination effects (雙星加會) between the Period Eight flying stars (八運飛星) and the 2018 annual flying stars (流年飛星) in the region.

Center palace [8,9] combination

This auspicious combination implies that conflicts in the world will ease up a bit and there will be the enlightenment of the cultural industry. However, since the energy of the number 9 purple flying star will be dissipated by the number 8 white flying star, which means that the world economy especially the property and stock market will be experiencing some setback and volatile situations especially in the early part of 2018.

North [4,5] combination

This combination implies wood destroying the earth element, as I mentioned above, it is not proper to agitate the vicious number 5 yellow flying star as this will double its destruction effect. Therefore, I anticipate conflicts and set back to the economy. Also, it is very likely that the countries in this region will face the spreading of infectious disease and natural disasters in 2018.

SW [5,6] combination

The 2018 annual number 6 white flying star will dissipate the energy of the Period Eight number 5 yellow flying star which is responsible for conflicts and warfare. Simply put, in 2018, the tense relationship between the countries in this region will not be too severe.

East [6,7] combination

This combination is referred as “sword fighting sha” (交劍煞). This implies that this region will most likely experience serious accidents especially in transportation, territorial and political conflicts. My primary concern is there might be the possibility of military activities in this area in 2018!

SE [7,8] combination

The 2018 annual number 8 white flying star will enhance the Period Eight 7 scarlet flying star. This implies that this region will be affected by the changes of the economic conditions and political issues. Nonetheless, since the number 8 white star is the most auspicious flying star in Period Eight, this will still bring some good feng shui fortune to this region.  

NW [9,1] combination

This flying star combination indicates a conflict between fire and water (水火不容), which means that both the favorable effect of the auspicious number 9 purple flying star and the number 1 black flying star will be affected as a result. Therefore, this implies that the overall economic development is difficult to have the breakthrough in this region.

West [1,2] combination

The 2018 number 2 black flying star will bring the severe set back to this region because the earth element will destroy the water chi of the Period Eight number 1 white flying star. Therefore, it is difficult to have tremendous economic growth especially the stock market and currency in this part of the world. Also, there is the opportunity for some countries leaders experiencing poor health conditions. 

NE [2,3] combination

This combination is referred as “bullfighting sha” (鬥牛煞), i.e., the wood element of the 2018 number 3 jade flying star is fighting with the earth element of the Period Eight number 2 black flying star. This implies that conflicts among countries and severe stomach and infectious diseases will very likely happen in this region in 2018.

South [3,4] combination

In this combination, the 2018 number 4 green flying star will feed energy to the Period Eight number 3 jade flying star. This will cause conflicts in this region accordingly.

To conclude, I will take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2018, Year of the Dog 戊戌狗年!

PS – Since I take pride in my works, thus, it requires much preparation time to post the informative and educated feng shui articles on my blog site. Nonetheless, for me to do this, I need your kind support. Therefore, if you find my feng shui postings helpful and informative, I am grateful if you will give your support by providing donations to this blog site (any amount, like $10, $20 are welcome). Just click on the yellow “donate” button to the right side of the blog page. I appreciate very much for all your support!


teresa said...

my best wishes for 2018, i just finished reading you post, so helpful and educating as always , thank you very much, all the best to you and your loved ones

Wynn N said...

thank you, I always refer to your blog each year for guidance. May I ask we start rotating objects according to Western calender or Chinese one?

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your kind words regarding my 2018 annual flying stars' forecast. I hope that you will follow my advice and feel free to email me directly if you have any question. Here I also wish you and your loved ones a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2018 Year of the Dog!

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Wynn,

In feng shui, we always follow the Chinese Lunar calendar. Therefore, I will suggest you apply the feng shui cure on Feb 4, 2018, at 11 - 3 pm
or 9 - 11 pm if you are not born in the Year of the Rooster.

teresa said...

hi again :), i red the answer you posted to Wynn, and, as i am a rooster, i wander what day can i apply the 2018 fenq shui cures. here, i must say, that i compare my life since those years you kept the fenqshui forum of, and i tried to follow your advices, up to now, and how much it changed, it s amazing, thank you so much for this

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I also missed those times that I can talk feng shui at with many of you...:-) Anyway, you can apply the 2018 feng shui cure on Feb 13, at 9- 11 am or 5 - 9 pm.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, what’s your advice / suggestion on cleansing last year’s enhancers(eg expensive / big items) on the good stars and reusing them for this year? Or I don’t need any cleansing and continue using it?

Thank you.

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi, we can always reuse the last year feng shui items on condition that we clean it with salt water and best dry under the sun or overnight.

LinLea11 said...

Thank You Simon & Happy New Year! You always bring much peace to my life. Hope you received the donation ;o)! Can I ask about the red/purple mats cures (looks odd in placement of room) or could be placed elsewhere besides on floor?? Could any other items be used? Thank you kindly!

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Linlea,

Thank you very much for your donation! Yes, you can use other fire element objects to replace the red/purple mats cure. In some cases, I have advised my clients to use 9 red Chinese lucky money envelope filled with tea leaves as an alternative...:-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this Simon. Your posts are always extremely helpful and you are so generous with your knowledge and expertise.

May I know how you recommend we dispose of old cures that we will not be using anymore?

Also, if we have cures in place for the house’s permanent flying stars, we don’t need to remove them from their positions even if they run counter to the elements that are supposed to be placed in the sectors where they are found based on the annual flying stars, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Thank you for your work and generous help. My bathroom is in the West sector, and my bedroom is in the Northwest. The entrance into my apartment is Southwest. What cures should I put in place this year? At work, my office door is Southwest. I am born in the year of the Rooster. Thank you!


Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Shirley, since the West sector is the bathroom, there isn't any thing that you need to be done, other than make certain that it is always well maintained, bright and no water leakage.

As to the SW entrance area, no need to do anything either because this is the "mouth of chi" and it will draw in the positive chi from the 2018 annual number 6 money star. If you really want, you can place a small glass jar of water (make sure that it is clean and full all the time) beside the entrance door.

Lastly, in the NW area which is your bedroom, you can either place small red light (must be on 24/7) or 9 red flowers at the NW corner to enhance the 2018 annual number 9 flying star which will bring joyful events, romance and people luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Simon! When are the auspicious dates and times for feng shui placements after missing today's window (Feb. 4)? Thank you!


Gabriel said...

Hi Simon

Thanks for sharing these. I just realized its been a year now :)
I am still single (but better than being with the wrong partner) could you please suggest some good remedy. Also, my immmigration seems not moving at all. Please help me on it. There is no SW area as such I live in a small studio room. The kitchen's SW corner has a washing machine. Center is the bathroom and the main bedroom has big window on north. Entry is just opposite window towards South East.

I am a bit scared and Losing hope. I even gave my IELTS twice got the highest score still unable to gain more points. Pls help with some remedy for immigration to CA.

Look fwd to hear from you.

With love n Respect


Anonymous said...

I heard one can put Dragon and Phoenix couple photo in South this year to attract love. But what if its same-gender love? I dont want to cheat on anyone or marry opposite gender. Its not right for me. I want to marry same gender. Is it safe to put dragon-phoenix then ?

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Denise,

It is proper to choose an auspicious day to dispose old feng shui items. If you need assistance in this matter, let me know.

Yes, when we are applying cure for the annual flying stars, it will not affect the permanent cure that are in placed. If you look at my recommendations, they are all small items like some old Chinese coins etc. However, if the cure is very big in size or extensive, like repainting the whole room, then it will definitely affect the permanent cure.

Hope this will answer your question!

Best regards,
Simon Chan

priya patil said...

Very Nice information!! I like this Very much!!
Thanks for shairing with us,keep positing and please do post on feng shui
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Daniel Tam said...

Simon, thanks for writing your very informative blog! I'm trying to decide on a location in my home for an office. I found out the mountain/water stars for my home (period 5, facing NW2). The house's water star #8 is in the west, but the annual star #2 occupies the west. The house's #5 water star is in the south east, but the annual star #8 is there. Which is the best location for my office? West or South East?

Kat Paleckova said...

Hello Simon,
I have been following flying stars here for years now. But I have some unclear areas. I have a double, stainless kitchen sink directly in NE to N area. In N I also have black and steel electrical stove. We spend quite a bit of time as we have to cook and wash dishes. How can I neutralize water and metal in NE and fire and black metal in N? I put red napkin with a red glass lamp on a mini fridge more to the right in NE, that I keep on 6 hours.
In the South (I have huge issues in both career and romantic dept for several years now), we have an everyday side door, next to it a flat screen tv, and a small laundry room where our pet bird sleeps at night, poops, and sheds his dandruff, so it is hard to keep clean, as it gets dirty within a day. We cannot move him anywhere else. I try to keep it closed and I put a black mirrored wardrobe and blue painting.
Then in the center, we have a doorway leading from kitchen to my office/dining room and also a small toilet room, which always worried me.
Where is a good place to keep indoors moving and still and outdoors water this year? And if I have a small compost bin, where is a good place for this decomposing/growing element?

Thank you so much for your work.

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Daniel,

First of all, sorry for my late response!

One thing I want to point out is the sitting/facing flying star combination stipulated at the natal chart is primarily indicating the chi pattern of the house when it was constructed, therefore, it is considered permanent and will not be changed, unless you go through a process called "changing the heaven heart" to change the house period to the current Period Eight (2204 - 2023).

On the other hand. the annual flying star is primarily only effective for the current year. Therefore, based on what you have described, you shall choose the west sector for your office where the auspicious permanent number 8 facing star is located. As to the annual number 2 illness flying star which flies to the West, if you will follow my recommendation in my article to place the appreciate cure, you shall be protected.

Hope this will answer your question.

Teresa said...

Hi Simon

Looking forward to 2019 Fengshui post from you. All excited.... Wish you a wonderful year ahead.