Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Follow up of the feng shui effects on Apple new Campus 2

A while ago (Feb 2016) I have posted an article on this blog site regarding the feng shui analysis of Apple new Campus 2 HQ:

Apple moved into the new campus in April 2017. Since then, there has been some significant news from Apple which I believed to a certain extent was caused by the feng shui of the new campus, and it has also been predicted in my article of which I will now discuss below:

1. I have written “This imbalanced state of yin/yang chi field fit perfectly into the inauspicious scenario stipulated in one of the classical Chinese feng shui texts, xue xin fu (雪心賦): "things will not bear in yang only conditions, and it will not grow in yin only conditions" (孤陽不生,獨陰不長)! So, just maybe we will start to see some set back from Apple in launching new products and services?

Fact: The launching of Apple new iPhone X did not cause much anticipated strong sale and excitement in the market (refer to the following links)

As a matter of fact, recently there is a rumor that due to disappointing sales of the iPhone X will lead to the cancellation of the model. This would be the first time Apple has canceled an iPhone model after just one generation since the iPhone 5C in 2014!

2. I have also mentioned in my article: “From the artist's picture, we can see that the massive scale (3.1 million square feet), and modern design of the new Campus 2 are entirely not in line or blend into the neighboring landscape. In feng shui terms, this means it cannot fit in harmoniously with the surrounding environment, resulting in conflicts and possible lawsuits from others.

Fact: Currently Apple is facing legal action around the world for deliberately slowing down the older iPhones. It has prompt Apple to apologize publicly and promised to release an update to solve the problem. On Jan 24, 2018, Tim Cook announced Apple will release iOS 11.3 update which gives the user control over iPhone slowdown.

Therefore, if all the feng shui issues of the new campus come true, I am expecting that in times there will be complaints from the occupants of the buildings/homes facing the Campus 2 structure; that they are experiencing poor health and sickness.  

I have discussed this problem in my article:

another important observation is that the round-shape design of the new Campus 2 complex resembles a sickle knife, this is referred as sickle knife sha (鐮刀煞) in luan tao feng shui, which will have adverse effects like health problems and accidents to the occupants of the surrounding buildings and houses. For example, if it is facing at the homes with SE exposure, the occupants of those houses will likely suffer from liver's problems, because metal chops wood and SE ba gua (wood element) is associated with the liver in human body; most likely affecting the eldest daughter or female members in the family between 31 to 45 years old".


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feng shui proves that everything is ruled by cause and effect, there is no such thing as luck of chance after all

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