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2016 ( 乙未猴年) Annual Flying Stars’ Forecast

Every year during this period of time, many people will be interested and want to know where are the upcoming annual flying stars are located in their homes and how it will affect the feng shui in the coming new year. Therefore, as requested by many of my faithful readers, I will now present the 2016 annual flying stars's forecast, showing you how to apply the appropriate feng shui remedies to enhance the auspicious stars; while at the same time how to avoid the ill effects and adversity caused by the vicious annual flying stars, in particularly the number 2 black (二黑巨門星) and the number 5 yellow (五黄廉貞星) annual flying star. Before I go any further, I want to stress the importance of understanding the characteristics of these two untimely stars and have the knowledge of how to apply the appropriate feng shui remedies. This is very important if we want to have a safe and healthy 2016!

NE (艮宮) sector

Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui (玄空飛星風水), the number 5 yellow earth star is considered as the most vicious star among the 9-stars. This star is associated with all unforeseen disasters, accidents, serious health issues like cancers or even death. This is especially true when the number 5 yellow earth star is located at the entrance, bedroom or kitchen; and the sitting desk in the office.

In 2016, the annual number 5 yellow earth star is located at the NE sector. In order to counteract the effects of this star, we have to avoid too much items/equipment that generate motion and heat. For example, aquarium, air conditioner or those feng shui “flying wheels” fountain, electrical charger for cell phone etc., because this will activate the effects of the number 5 yellow star. Furthermore, since fire will create earth, we must also avoid having too much fire element objects and red colors in this area in order not to further strengthen the chi of the number 5 yellow earth star.

The most effective feng shui remedy that we can apply in the NE sector in 2016 is placing metal element objects in the area, for instance, six (6) old Chinese coins, metal wind chime or copper clock to dissipate the energy of the number 5 yellow earth star. This is very critical for those houses that have the entrance door facing NE.

Another factor to take note is the 2016 “year break” (歲破) star is also located in the NE. Therefore, it is important to avoid major renovation in this sector, (especially those born in the year of the monkey, tiger, snake and pig), because this will render bad luck and misfortune. If there are some emergency repair works that need to be done at the NE sector, make sure that you will use an auspicious day and time to do the works.

Lastly, I also want to add that we must keep the NE sector in our homes clean, bright, dry and clutters free; because all the above captioned are the corresponding “luan tao” (巒頭) for the number 5 yellow star; as this will cause the accumulation of yin chi/spirits at this area of the house.

Center palace (中宮)

In 2016, the vicious illness star, i.e. the number 2 yellow earth star is located at the center palace. This star will bring conflicts, law suits, stomach and skin diseases; and the opportunity of epidemic diseases. To make the matter worst, with its combination with the number 5 yellow base star at the center palace, the [2,5] combination call for the possibilities of cancers and sudden death. Thus, I will strongly advice my readers to be careful with food and drink consumption in 2016.

In addition, if the living room, bedroom or kitchen of your home is located at the center of the house, this will likely cause gynecological diseases, the elders in the household may suffer from stroke.

My recommendation is to hang 8 old Chinese coins and a metal Wu-Lo at the center and the corridor of the living/kitchen of the house. We must avoid having too much yellow and red color and objects that will generate movement and sound, for example, aquarium or water fountain, and water plants. If you cannot avoid sitting or using the center area of the house in 2016, besides having all the above captioned feng shui remedies in placed, try not to using the area in prolong period of time especially in the month of February, March and June. If renovation/repairs work cannot be avoided in the center of the house, be certain to choose an auspicious day and time to commence the work.

North (坎宮)

In 2016, the number 7 metal annual flying star (七赤破軍星) is located at the North sector. Since we are now in Period Eight (2004 – 2023), this star is considered as an untimely star (退運星) which will bring receding fortune and power, accidents and conflicts. This is especially true if this star is located at the entrance area.

Therefore, it is necessary that we shall try to prevent too much activities at the North area; and the most effective feng shui cure is to place a glass of water at the North sector of the house to reduce the effectiveness of the number 7 metal star.

NW (乾官)

In 2016, the number 3 wood annual flying star (三碧是非星) is located at the NW sector. This implies that the male household or the authority will experience the increase of conflicts and arguments both in the home and the work place; for example, hostile relationship between parents and sons/daughters. For those who are doing business in other countries may got involved in legal cases which might even end up in prison. In addition, the untimely number 3 wood flying star will also enhance the chances of robbery and theft, therefore, it is critical that we have the security measures in placed at the doors and windows which are located at the NW sector of the house.

 In order not to enhance the effect of the number 3 wood star, we must avoid too much green (wood element) and blue (water element) at the NW sector, especially this area is not suitable for fish tank and any water plants.

The most effective feng shui cur that I will recommend is to place a red light (must be on 24/7) at the NW sector of the house to dissipates the energy of the 2016 number 3 wood annual flying star.

East (震官)

In 2016, the number 9 fire annual flying star (九紫喜慶星) is located at the East sector.  This star will bring romance, noble man (貴人) and good fortune luck. Furthermore, this auspicious star will bring baby conceiving luck. Therefore, it is important that we will apply feng shui enhancements at the East sector in our home and work place in 2016.

Since this is a fire element star, I will recommend placing some broad leaf green plants to enhance this auspicious star.  In addition, applying purple, red colors in the East area will also help. For those who are looking for romance luck, I will suggest placing four (4) green plants and nine (9) red flowers at this area in 2016.

West (兑宮)

In 2016, the number 4 annual wood star (四綠文昌星) is located at the West sector. This star will bring scholar luck and promotion especially for those work in civilian jobs.

The most effective feng shui enhancement for the number 4 wood star is to palace 4 lucky bamboo plants in water or four (4) Chinese writing brush at the West sector of the office and bedroom; and to place the study desk at the West sector or facing West. In my many year of professional practice, I have found out that the green jade pagoda has also yield excellent results for many of my clients, this can place at the West corner of the room or at the top left corner of the desk.

South (离宮)

Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, the number 6 metal star (六白武曲星) is considered as one of the 9-stars which will bring money fortune (橫财), the other star is the number 1 water star. In 2016, the number 6 metal annual flying star is located at the South sector.

Since its element is metal, we can place yellow, gold color objects or ceramic ware (it shall be six (6) numbers in total) at this area of the house to enhance this auspicious star. My personal favorite feng shui enhancement for the number 6 metal star is to place 6 white jades (precious stones) in a round container fill with water. In some cases, a yellow crystal ball is also good to use.

Another thing to note is that the vicious 2016 “three sha” (三煞) star is also located at the South sector. This star will bring accidents, law suits, and loss of money. Therefore, it is important to avoid major renovation work at this area because this will cause accidents (most likely a total of three times in a cycle). If it can not be avoided for whatever reason, we must use an auspicious day and time to start the work to prevent any damage or accidents, and commence from other directions first. I understand that some "masters" will advice their clients that to put a tortoise figurine at the sector to reduce the risks of the “three sha” star. My personal preference is to place three metal Chi Lin facing the "three sha" direction.

SE (巽宮)

Beside bringing money luck, the number 1 water star is also known as the “peach blossom star in Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. In 2016, the number 1 water annual flying star (一白桃花星) is located at the SE sector. If your bedroom is located at the SE sector of the house, then congratulation, because it is most likely that you will have good romance luck in 2016 if proper feng shui enhancement is in placed!

My recommendation is to place eleven (11) dark, blue or grey color stones in a container fill with water at the SE area of the bedroom to enhance this star.

SW (坤官)

Lastly, we are going to discuss about the most auspicious timely number 8 earth star (八白當旺財星) in Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. This star represents fame, wealth and property fortune. Since we are now in Period Eight (2004 – 2023),  it is referred as one of the most auspicious and timely star (當運星).

In 2016, the number 8 earth annual flying star is located at the SW sector which is virtually the “money sector” (財位) of the house. Therefore, it is very important that we will enhance the feng shui at the SW sector in every home in 2016.

Furthermore, since the number 8 earth star fly to the SW sector which is associated with the female household or leaders, I will predict that the female household and leaders will do very well and enjoy good fortune and power in 2016.

Since this is an earth element star, it is appropriate to apply red and yellow color in this area. In addition to the fact that the it is good in feng shui to have activities at the “money sector”, thus fish tank or water fountain is good at the SW sector in 2016. Personally, my personal favorite feng shui enhancement is to place eight (8) jades or precious stones in a round container filled with water (the water must be kept clean and refilled constantly) at the area.

Some predictions on the 2016 annual flying stars’ effects in the world stage:

1. The vicious number 5 yellow star will fly to the NE, this will cause many conflicts, problems in the Korean Peninsula, particularly North Korea and the United States especially New York. Also,  its combination with the number 2 earth base star [2,5], this indicates the likelihood of natural disasters in places like the Eastern part of Russia, Korea, Japan and the East coast of China. Be careful when travelling to these countries especially on May and November, 2016.

2. The number 7 metal star will fly to the North, this implies that Russia will likely be experiencing some conflicts in the country. Also, there will be problems in the Northern part of China.

3. The number 3 wood star fly to the NW, which implies that Britain, the Nordic countries and Canada will experience some set back.

4. The auspicious number 8 earth star will fly to the SW, this implies those countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Burma will enjoy some peaceful development. In another aspect, this also implies that the female leaders and candidates will do very well in public elections and advancement in big corporations. My prediction is we will witness some female candidates winning the presidential election in some countries (I will not name here since this is a feng shui only blog site). 

5. The number 2 black earth star is flying to the center palace, this will form the inauspicious [2,5] combination with the number 5 base star.; which means that the "kings" or the rulers in some countries may suffer from serious illness or even death. Furthermore, it also implies that recent serious conflicts and warfare caused by religious conflicts have no sign to lessen or end. 
Simon’s friendly tips:

I want to stress that under the principles of the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, the annual flying stars are considered as “guest stars” (Refer to my article

They will only act as the timely “trigger” for the feng shui/chi pattern (host stars’ combinations) at the sector. This is not a yearly “feng shui horoscope” that many so-called masters have been telling people in their web sites. Another important thing we have to keep note is that their effectiveness must be accompanied with the corresponding “luan tao” which are the physical forms and conditions at the sectors.  For instance, when they fly to the main entrance, bedroom or kitchen area of the house; or in the cases of the number 2 and number 5 earth star, the area is dark, wet, and full of clutters; or the sector is facing sharp corners and construction works.

In general, as long as the appropriate feng shui cure for the annual number 2 and number 5 flying star are in placed,  you can rest assure that the house will be protected in 2016.

When we are applying feng shui cure or enhancement for the annual flying stars, the principle of “less is more” shall apply. For example, a small string of old Chinese coins in total number of 6 and 8 respectively is more than sufficient for the number 2 and number 5 annual flying star.

Also, keep in mind that the feng shui cure that I have recommend above are only meant for the coming year. In 2017, there will be another set of new feng shui cure. Therefore, it is not practical or economical to paint the room in special colors as feng shui cure, unless you want to repaint the room every year!

One of the most important step in applying feng shui remedies is that it must be carried out in an auspicious day and time (天時,地利,人和) in order to be effective. Unfortunately, very often this important final step is always missed or not mentioned to their clients by many so-called “masters”. May be this is why so many people have seen little or no results in feng shui!

Lastly, I will take this opportunity to wish all the readers of my blog site and their families a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2016 (year of the monkey)!

Toronto, Dec 27, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Is this good or bad kitchen design

Is this good design or bad feng shui?

If we look at the modern kitchen design in many new houses, there is one common feature that we can also find many luxurious houses is: to have the kitchen stove/island located at the middle of the kitchen. So, is this a good design or bad feng shui?

I believe the people who design this type of kitchen is firstly not a feng shui follower because it is really against many feng shui good practice of placing the kitchen stove. In feng shui, the kitchen stove is considered as one the three most important features in the house, namely the main entrance, kitchen stove and the master bedroom. In this particular layout, we can see that the kitchen stove has no solid support at the back because it is opened at all sides which means it is difficult to retain the chi. This will generally cause health and money problems. Furthermore, under the concept of the “small tai chi”, this is referring as the “burning of the heaven heart” as the kitchen stove is located at the middle of the kitchen. In many cases, it will also facing the kitchen sink directly across which creates the conflicting effects of water and fire.

Leaving feng shui ideas aside, there are some practical issues in this type of design. For instance, it is very difficult to discharge the heat, steam, grease and smell from the cooking which is not a desirable environment inside the house.  Personally, I believe this is typical an “only look good in picture” gimmick in the sale brochure but impractical in everyday cooking activities. Just imagine all the cooking utensils, bottles of cooking oil, spices lying around!

Monday, July 13, 2015

How to improve the study of our children in feng shui?

In feng shui, there are a few remedies we can apply to improve the scholar luck for our children, namely placing the study desk and bed facing their “scholar luck” directions and placing a green jade pagoda at the scholar luck’s sector in their rooms. I will explain below how to calculate the “scholar luck” location for our children:

- First of all, using the Chinese 4 Pillars or BaZi calculator (where you can find in my blog site to determine the Heavenly Stems of the children’s day of birth (the result which shown on the top on the Day column in the calculator in my blog site) and then look up the “scholar luck” sector from the following tables:

Heaven Stems      “scholar luck” direction/sector

Jia                      SE (142.5 – 157.5 degree)
Yi                        South (172.5 – 187.5 degree)
Bing                    SW (232.5 – 247.5 degree)
Ding                    West (262.5 – 277.5 degree)
Wu                       SW (232.5 – 247.5 degree)
Ji                          West (262.5 – 277.5 degree)
Geng                    NW (322.5 – 337.5 degree)
Xin                       North (352.5 – 7.5 degree)
Ren                      NE (52.5 – 67.5 degree)
Gui                       East (82.5 – 97.5 degree)  

After finding the "scholar luck" location, by using an auspicious day and time, you can then apply the following:

- arrange the desk or bed facing the “scholar luck” directions.

-  place a green jade pagoda (size doesn’t matter) at the “scholar luck” sector of the room, and put a photo of the child (glue a piece of hair at the back of the photo) in front of the pagoda.

Note: the pagoda must be a 9-storey pagoda and must green in color if the reader think the green jade pagoda is too expensive. The above arrangement shall be kept in place as long as the child stay in the room.

The other method we can apply is to place the green jade pagoda at the sector where the annual number 4 wood star is located which can be look up in many web sites.

If you are following the Xuan Kong Flying Star sector, you can place 4 lucky bamboo stems at the sector where the annual number 1 water star is located as this will enhance the [1, 4] combination which will bring scholar luck; and a cup of water where the annual number 4 wood star is located to enhance the annual number 4 wood star.                   

Friday, May 22, 2015

What is annual, monthly, daily, hourly and second flying stars and its effects to the feng shui of the house?

Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, all the above captioned flying stars are considered as “guest stars”, they are mostly served as the “trigger” to the effects of the “host stars” combination at the sectors. In practice, when we are analyzing the feng shui of a house, we will study the natal chart of the house especially the sitting and facing star combination. As the same time, we will also look at the effects from flying “guest stars” especially the annual and monthly flying stars.

For example, if the timely “guest stars” fly to the sector which has an auspicious sitting/facing star combination, it will further enhance its effect. On the other hand, if some untimely “guest stars” fly to this sector, it will reduce its auspicious effect, or in some extreme cases, it will cause adverse effects like the vicious number 2 and 5 earth star. Simply put, this is the reason why the feng shui of the house will change in time and space.

Now, some people will ask what is the difference between the “guest stars”. In general practice, the annual flying stars will dictate the house’s feng shui for a whole year; while the monthly flying stars will have lesser effects on the feng shui of the house. However, when we consider them together with the annual flying stars, it will give us a more accurate prediction of the feng shui of the house within the year.

Let us look at the following example:











This is a natal chart showing the annual flying stars (numbers at the bottom) and the monthly flying stars (numbers at the bottom) for a Period Seven house. Let us assume the time is year 1995 August month.

At the West sector, we can see that the timely number 7 annual flying star is located at this sector. If this sector happened to be the entrance sector or there is a large window, it imply good money luck in the year.  However, since the untimely number 6 monthly flying star fly to this sector, that means in August, the household may encounter argument and legal conflicts due to the [6,7] combination. Therefore, it is necessary to apply water element feng shui remedies to solve the problem.

As to the daily and hourly flying stars, it is primarily used to determine the auspicious day and time to apply feng shui cure or commencement of building and renovation works. This is normally what I will do in my professional consultation. I understand that there are some masters even use this information to predict the monthly/daily sale of a business establishment!

In order to help the beginner to further understand this topic, I will use the following example to further illustrate the effects of the annual and monthly flying stars:

This is the natal chart of a Period Eight house. Let us look at the flying star combination at the SW which is also the entrance sector:

   6                 8

   4                 5

Note: The bottom left number represents the annual flying star and the bottom right number represents the monthly flying star.

Since the timely number 8 facing star is located at this sector, this indicates that this house will enjoy good money luck in Period Eight. However, there is a conflict with the number 4 wood base star (middle number), it implies the possibilities of health problem to the children in the house. In addition to the fact that the number 4 annual flying star is located at this sector, it will further enhance the conflict between the wood and earth star. In my practice, I will advise my client to be careful about health of the children in this year; especially in the month when the number 4 and 5 monthly fly to this sector.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year

Wish all my readers and their family a Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is this good feng shui house?

Is this a good feng shui house?

Recently there is an article in the Toronto star newspaper that caught my attention. In the article, they are showing a rebuilt luxury home in Rosedale, the upscale area of Toronto. It is a 3-storey mansion with total area over 5000 square feet, and the asking price is $6,495,000.

Well, for any non-feng shui believers, this appears to be a nice and luxurious house with ample amenities like swimming pool and many upgrades features. However, as a consultant who practice the traditional Chinese feng shui, I have seen some major inauspicious features or “luan tao” which will render it is not a good feng shui house and definitely I will not recommend to my clients!

Looking at the photo, we can see that there is a double garage built-in into the ground floor, and the main floors are raised 3-storey above the garage. This basically means that vehicles can drive through the underside of the main floors. In feng shui, we refer this type of design or “luan tao” as “ground empty house” [地空屋] and “ground moving house” [动屋]. This will cause poor concentration in making important decisions and study for the children in the house. The main culprit is this will caused unsteady and fluctuating fortune and house luck. 

In many cases, we will advise our clients not to use the rooms above the garage as study or bedroom as feng shui remedies or even move to other houses. Unfortunately, apparently this is not possible in this particular home because as shown in the photo, the built-in garage is right under the main entrance and there are important rooms like the living room etc. on top of the garage.

Based on the above, I predict whoever buy this house will not live long in this house and very soon it will be up for sale again!