Friday, November 27, 2015

Is this good or bad kitchen design

Is this good design or bad feng shui?

If we look at the modern kitchen design in many new houses, there is one common feature that we can also find many luxurious houses is: to have the kitchen stove/island located at the middle of the kitchen. So, is this a good design or bad feng shui?

I believe the people who design this type of kitchen is firstly not a feng shui follower because it is really against many feng shui good practice of placing the kitchen stove. In feng shui, the kitchen stove is considered as one the three most important features in the house, namely the main entrance, kitchen stove and the master bedroom. In this particular layout, we can see that the kitchen stove has no solid support at the back because it is opened at all sides which means it is difficult to retain the chi. This will generally cause health and money problems. Furthermore, under the concept of the “small tai chi”, this is referring as the “burning of the heaven heart” as the kitchen stove is located at the middle of the kitchen. In many cases, it will also facing the kitchen sink directly across which creates the conflicting effects of water and fire.

Leaving feng shui ideas aside, there are some practical issues in this type of design. For instance, it is very difficult to discharge the heat, steam, grease and smell from the cooking which is not a desirable environment inside the house.  Personally, I believe this is typical an “only look good in picture” gimmick in the sale brochure but impractical in everyday cooking activities. Just imagine all the cooking utensils, bottles of cooking oil, spices lying around!

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