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Types of buildings or structures (luan tao) that will affect the feng shui of the house

DIY Feng Shui – Something that the Feng Shui Masters will not reveal to you

Part Two – Types of buildings or structures (luan tao) that will affect the feng shui of the house
1. Hospital:
- There are patients in the hospital and the opportunity of spreading the germs and disease.
- Most of the patients in the hospital are suffered from bad luck, and thus causing the culmination of misfortune and negative energy. This will affect the chi pattern of its surrounding.

- Since there are many operations (sha chi) performed daily in the hospital, it will also affect the surrounding.

Therefore, if you are now living near or next to a hospital, there are three ways to counteract its negative energy fields:

a) Make sure that the entrance door and windows are facing the auspicious directions in order to attract the positive energy to the house.
b) Keep the house well maintained, ample natural ventilation and hygienic to prevent germs entering into the house.

c) It is best to have some kinds of religious belief; this will help to cleanse the negative energy in the house.

2. Temple, Church
Under the traditional feng shui, temple and church are considered as “solitary sha” which is not auspicious. Since these buildings are the houses or gathering places for the gods and spirits, this will affect the chi pattern or energy field of the surrounding and will affect the behaviour of the people living next or close to them. For example, they will always feel lonely and easily have two extreme behaviour; either violent temper or very timid.

 3. Transmission Tower
The transmission tower for TV or cable signals will generate a very strong electromagnetic field, and therefore affect the chi pattern of its surrounding. Furthermore, because of its pointed shaped structure, people living near to them will most likely suffering from either accidents or metal problems.

4. Police Station, Fire Station
In feng shui, the police station is considered as a very strong yin energy building or “solitary sha” [孤陽不生, 獨陰不長] People living near to them will have poor health and many conflicts or arguments. As to the fire station, beside it has the same effect as the police station, additional it will cause serious accidents due to the front door of the fire station is painted with bright red color.

Note: If the profession of the people living close to the police station and fire station are also policeman or fireman themselves, then there will have no effect on them.

5. Government buildings or institutions
The government buildings like courthouse are considered as very strong yang energy buildings just like the police station and fire station at the above. If living directly facing at them, the family will most likely suffering from mental problems, law suits and serious accidents.

6. School 
There are a lot of people believe living near or close to a school is good feng shui because it is an education institute, nonetheless, in reality it is just a feng shui myth due to the following feng shui reasons:

- School is not a commercial building which has little economical influence.

-  Most of the schools only has students at the day time and become an empty place at night, and in the day time, it is mostly young students or small children which their yang energy are still very weak; therefore, this will create a weak yang energy and strong yan energy environment. Consequently, people living near tot the school will have poor wealth luck and difficulties in getting thing done.

 7. Market
In feng shui, we believe living on top and next to a market will cause poor and unstable conditions in the family due to the following reasons:

- There will be smells from the foods and fish; this is considered as “smell sha” [味煞] in feng shui.

- Poor hygienic conditions in the market which will cause the accumulation of germs, this is referred as “germ sha” [ 細菌] in feng shui.

- All the meats sold in the market will likely carry the spirits from animals and will accumulate in the market place; this will cause the accumulation of the yin or negative energy in the area.

8. Theatres, Opera House, Sports Arena
Every day, there are only a few shows scheduled in the theatres, concert hall etc., and when the show is on, there will be gathering of many audiences. When the show is finished, the place will leave empty after the audience are gone. This kind of phenomenon is referred as “uncertainty of gathering and dispersing of yang energy” [聚散無常] in feng shui which is not auspicious. This will affect the chi pattern in the surrounding; therefore, people living close to these kinds of buildings will most likely suffering from uncertainty in their luck and job.

9. Transformer station, High Tension Electrical Transformer Tower
These kinds of structures are associated with the fire element in feng shui and have immense effect on the chi pattern or magnetic field; this will also affect the brain, heart and blood of the human body. Thus, living close to the above structures will likely suffering the following health issues:

- Heart and cardiovascular disease

- Brain tumour or mental disease

- Impulsive behaviour and easily making mistakes

Note: According to a research study of children living near to transformer towers, the likelihood of them suffering from leukemia is almost double the chance from ordinary children.

 10. Garbage Collection Center
Under the belief of the Buddhism, the spirits will like to gathering at dark and smelly places, for example, the forests, garbage collection centers etc. Therefore, it is very likely that the spirits will enter into the surrounding houses. The haunted house will cause mental problems and bad fortune to the family. The effective feng shui cure to counteract this effect is to place a red light beside the entrance door and the light must turn on 24/7.

11. Wind Turbines
Recently, in many parts of the world, wind turbines are becoming a popular alternative green energy source. However, it is also one of the most controversial topics which lead to many legal disputes. A lot of the people living close to the wind turbine or the so-called wind farm claimed that they have suffered from many health problems and costing depreciation of their property value. However, up to the current moment, there is still no credited scientific proof that the wind turbine will cause health problems to the people living close to them. If the readers are interested in this topic, they can refer to one of my older posting about wind chimes in this blog site.



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