Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is a Murder Home Suitable For Living?

Is a Murder Home Suitable For Living?

According to an article on the Toronto Star dated November 20, 2012, they were reporting that a couple who bought a house of a previous double homicide 15 years earlier are suing the real estate firm, the agent and the previous house owners for allegedly failing to reveal the home’s history; citing that the husband felt stress at work and less companionship at home and the wife suffered panic attacks, severe depression and am still on anxiety medication after living in the house. The couple are seeking $450,000 in damages plus costs, but the claims have not been proven in court.

In feng shui, it is generally believe that the negative energy from the previous owner and pasted events will remain in the house and will affect the future owner. Nonetheless, I have seen many real life examples that it has no effect to the new owners at all. Therefore, it is very difficult to justify the claims form the couple that the horrible experience likes heart palpitations, shortness of breath, faintness, nervousness when sharp knives are not out of sight when not in use because of the murder revelation and living in the house. In reality, I believe it is mostly caused by the psychological effects.

Since this case involves a grey area in common law on the issue of “duty to disclose” – and how to assess what information that entails as commented by some lawyers, that means this will also happen to some of us when purchasing a new home, as the agent or the seller may not reveal the part history of the house. That is the reason why I always recommend my clients to perform a ritual to cleanse the negative energy in the house before moving in.  Since we are in this topic, I will explain the procedure of this ritual in detail for anyone who is interested:

Firstly, seek some professional help to choose an auspicious day and time for moving in and to perform the ritual. In this ritual, we will burn three incense and say some prayers to the four corners of the house. The idea is to use the heat energy generates by the burning incense to cleanse away the negative energy. The proper sequence is we will start with the center of the house, leaving the incense burning and then doing the same to the four corners of the house in this sequence: NW, SE, NE and SW.  Make sure that all the incense must be completely burn out before concluding the ritual. The same procedure has to perform in each floor of the house.

Of course, at the end of the day, since purchasing a new house is one of the major investment in our lifetime, it is always make sense to seek professional advice to check out the feng shui of the house before buying it.  One advantage of hiring a seasoned feng shui consultant is they will know immediately if there are any negative “spirits” in the house, because they will find the needle of the Lo Pan moving erratically inside the house.




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