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Nine (9) feng shui taboo for master bedroom

DIY Feng Shui – Something that the Feng Shui Masters will not reveal to you

Part Three – Nine (9) feng shui taboo for master bedroom

The feng shui of the master bedroom is considered as one of the most important sectors in a house. While the feng shui of the living room will affect the husband, the feng shui of the master bedroom will affect the health and relationship of the couple, and even the offspring luck.
There are numerous feng shui guidelines for the master bedroom, here I will list the nine most important guidelines for the reader’s attention, and hopefully this will help them to enjoy a good feng shui master bedroom:

1. The lighting cannot be too bright
- Unlike the living room, the lighting in the master bedroom cannot be too bright, as this is a room of serenity and sensuality. If the lighting is too bright in the master bedroom, it will cause relationship and health problems.

2. The master bedroom cannot be too big or too small
- If the area of the master bedroom is too large, this will cause overwhelming and betrayal behaviours, gossips and difficulty in getting things done. On the other hand, if the area of the master bedroom is too small, this will creates male chauvinism behaviour to the husband, and narrow-minded attitude to the wife.

3. There must no overhead beam above the bed
- If there is a beam above the bed, it will cause health problems to the couple, especially to the head and the nervous system. This will also cause sleeping issues, and because of the psychological feeling of the pressure from the beam, it will affect the performance in work and achievement.

Note: In feng shui, the beam is considered as wood element. Thus, if the person’s birth element is wood, then sleeping under the beam will have little effect on this person.

 4. No solid support for the bed
- Under traditional feng shui guidelines, there must be a solid support for the bed, like a solid wall.  If the bed is against a glass window/door, or there is empty space behind the headboard, this will cause lack of communication and bad relationship between the couple. In the case of a single person, he/she will have difficulty to attract romance luck.

5. No blockage of the bedroom door
- If the master bedroom door is always blocked by objects or furniture, besides causing bad luck, this will cause the relationship of the couple to deteriorate from misunderstanding to each other. Many times, one of the partners will have the tendency of not wanting to stay at home.

6. Mirror facing the master bedroom door
- If the mirror is the first thing that someone see when entering into the bedroom, this indicates the opportunity of deteriorating relationship of the couple because of the involvement of third party. If single, this will cause tremendous difficulty in attracting romance.

7. Hanging religious or negative meanings pictures or calligraphy
- In feng shui, it is not auspicious to hang or display religious or negative meanings pictures or calligraphy as this is considered as “lonely or solitude sha” [孤煞].For single person, this means the remote possibilities of marriage; while for the married couple, this will cause misunderstanding and communication problems, and lack of intimacy relationship.

8. Hanging beautiful girl pictures on the sides of the bed
- This will attract inauspicious yin energy and causing health issues. This will also attract extramarital affairs causing breaking up of the marriage.

9. There must be no fish tank inside the master bedroom
- If there is a fish tank inside the master bedroom, this will cause upset feelings and will affect the relationship of the couple.

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