Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is this good feng shui house?

Is this a good feng shui house?

Recently there is an article in the Toronto star newspaper that caught my attention. In the article, they are showing a rebuilt luxury home in Rosedale, the upscale area of Toronto. It is a 3-storey mansion with total area over 5000 square feet, and the asking price is $6,495,000.

Well, for any non-feng shui believers, this appears to be a nice and luxurious house with ample amenities like swimming pool and many upgrades features. However, as a consultant who practice the traditional Chinese feng shui, I have seen some major inauspicious features or “luan tao” which will render it is not a good feng shui house and definitely I will not recommend to my clients!

Looking at the photo, we can see that there is a double garage built-in into the ground floor, and the main floors are raised 3-storey above the garage. This basically means that vehicles can drive through the underside of the main floors. In feng shui, we refer this type of design or “luan tao” as “ground empty house” [地空屋] and “ground moving house” [动屋]. This will cause poor concentration in making important decisions and study for the children in the house. The main culprit is this will caused unsteady and fluctuating fortune and house luck. 

In many cases, we will advise our clients not to use the rooms above the garage as study or bedroom as feng shui remedies or even move to other houses. Unfortunately, apparently this is not possible in this particular home because as shown in the photo, the built-in garage is right under the main entrance and there are important rooms like the living room etc. on top of the garage.

Based on the above, I predict whoever buy this house will not live long in this house and very soon it will be up for sale again!

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