Sunday, January 21, 2018

Feng Shui Pick for Amazon HD2

Feng Shui Pick for the new Amazon HQ2

Recently I have read many articles regarding the decision of choosing the winning city for the Amazon HQ2 (will cost at least 5 billion to build and will create at least 50,000 jobs) after Amazon has announced its short list of 20 cities still in the running for HQ2. Consequently, there are numerous predictions from many “experts.” Interestingly, an Irish gambling site now has Boston as the top contender to win with a 3-to-1 odd.

I have read these articles with a lot of interest, and therefore I will join in the fun and offer my personal choice of the winning city based on some feng shui sense. My pick is Toronto, Canada which is the only city outside the US and in October 2017, Paddy Power gave Toronto odds 9-to-1 to win!

In feng shui, we will use the principle of the Four Celestial Animals (四靈山訣) to determine whether a site is auspicious or not. An ideal location shall have the presence of the Four Celestial Animals formation, i.e., green dragon on the left, white tiger at the right, red phoenix at the front and dark tortoise at the back (左青龍, 右白虎, 前朱雀, 後玄武). 

If we look carefully at the above diagram, we can see that Toronto is located in the interior Lowlands, flank by the Coastal Range and Rocky Mountain at the right and the Appalachian Mountains at the left; protected by the Canadian Shield at the back and facing the Coastal Plain at the front! It is no wonder that Toronto has avoided many natural disasters in the past like extensive flooding, powerful hurricane and massive snowstorm unlike Boston and New York which are also among the favorite short-list cities to be chosen by Amazon.

Another auspicious feng shui aspect of Toronto is it is located in the Interior Lowlands and the Great Lake region. This in feng shui is referred as a “treasure bowl” (聚寶盆), which means it will create a lot of good fortune and intellectuals (skilled and talent workers) which is a fundamental requirement for a large corporation’s HD or innovative development. 

Consequently, it is no surprise that Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is teaming with Toronto to begin planning neighborhood designed as a model for urban life in the 21st century and also pledged to relocate Google headquarters in Canada to the new community, called Quayside.

Besides the fact that Toronto is an auspicious pick feng shui wise, Toronto also provides many sound business conditions that will make Jeff Bezos choose Toronto for Amazon next HD. If my readers want to know more about this reasoning, they are welcome to read the article at the following link:


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