Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is bigger always better in feng shui?

Is bigger always better? Definitely not in feng shui!
In the mind of many people, especially the North American, they always want a “big” house. There is a very interesting article on the Toronto Star dated April 7, 2012 written by Coin & Justin from which they are proposing how to improve a big and bare bedroom which measured a whopping 33 by 28 feet! Their ideas are based on some sound interior design concepts; and surprisingly it coincides with the feng shui ideas! No wonder feng shui is frequently referred as an ancient study of interior space and furniture arrangement.

Basically they are saying that this kind of extra-large room is notoriously difficult to dress and the quantity of furniture required (and the attendant costs therein) can be the stuff of nightmares. At one point, they even considered this kind of massive bedrooms as Jurassic Park! They are basically suggested to break up the space by using large indoor plants, screens or sliding doors to transform the massive room into smaller spaces.
In feng shui, it is considered not auspicious to sleep in a massive and relative empty room because the chi or positive energy got scattered. Furthermore, it believes that the human body is constantly dispersing energy to the outside. If the area of the bedroom is too large, it will exhaust the energy of the human body, causing poor health and loss of concentration. Therefore, the area of a bedroom shall not be larger than 200 square feet. No wonder that even the bedrooms for the ancient Chinese Emperors were also never more than 200 square feet!

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