Monday, May 27, 2013

How to determine the proper facing direction of the bed for a couple who belongs to different Group of person (East and West Group) in the Eight Mansions feng shui ?

                                                                Earlier Heaven Ba Gua

                                                                  Later Heaven Ba Gua

In our life time, we spend around 1/3 of our time in the bed; therefore the feng shui of the bed is very important to us. For example, if we place the bed at the inauspicious sectors, it will affect our health and the relationship between husband and wife. According to the guidelines of the Eight Mansions feng shui, it is auspicious for the East Group person to sleep at the four (4) auspicious East sectors and the West Group person to sleep facing the four auspicious (4) West sectors of the house. However, there are many times that this is not possible because of the limitation of space and structural restriction. Therefore, we will then concentrate on having the bed (headboard of the bed) facing the four (4) auspicious directions; based on the kua number.

Well, in theory this will works perfectly if both the husband and wife are belong to the same Group. However, what happened if the husband is an East Group person and the wife is a West Group person? The reason is the auspicious directions for a West Group person is the inauspicious directions for an East Group person and vice versa.  As a matter of fact, this is a very common scenario for people who are following the Eight Mansions feng shui. Sadly, there are little explanations about this dilemma in many books and web sites in the market by the self-proclaimed feng shui masters!

Here I want to introduce a work around method to solve this problem by using the theory of the Earlier Heaven Ba Gua and the Later Heaven Ba Gua (refer to the above drawing). In traditional Chinese feng shui practice, the Early Heaven Ba Gua is used for reference and the Later Heaven Ba Gua is used for the actual application. Now, let me demonstrate this idea with an example:

Let say a couple want to know which is the appropriate direction the bed shall face, with the husband’s kua number is 4, which is xun (East Group) and the wife’s kua number is 6, which is qian (West Group).

First of all, the four auspicious directions for the husband’s ming kua are: zhen (east); xun (south-east); li (south) and kan (north). Furthermore, by comparing both the Early Heaven and Later Heaven Ba Gua, we can notice that his xun kua on the Earlier Heaven Ba Gua is located at the kun (SW) sector of the Later Heaven Ba Gua. That is to say, the kun (SW) direction is also suitable for the husband. Since the kun direction is also the auspicious direction for the wife (West Group), that means the bed can be placed at the SW direction and will suit both the husband and wife.

On the other hand, the four auspicious directions for the wife’s ming kua are: kun (SW); dui (west); chien (NW); and gen (NE); and her qian kua at the Earlier Heaven Ba Gua is located at the li (south) sector of the Later Heaven Ba Gua, that means the li (south) direction has no harmful effect to the wife; in addition to the fact that the li (south) direction is also auspicious to the husband.

In short, based on the above method, the couple can place the bed either facing the kun (SW) or the li (South) direction without any conflict to their kua number. However, since in most cases the husband is the bread earner in the family, thus it make more sense to have the bed facing the li (south) direction!



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Job Acc said...

I am female kua number 5 and my husband is kua number 9. Where should I place the bed.