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"stagecoach star" in feng shui

What is “stagecoach star” (驛馬星) in feng shui?

Recently I have been asked by many people about the “stagecoach star” in feng shui; therefore I decided to write this article showing them what is ‘stagecoach star” and how to utilize this star because they do not find much info regarding this popular application in authentic Chinese feng shui in the internet!

In feng shui consultations, many masters and experts will suggest their clients to enhance the “stagecoach star” in the house when they want to enhance the chances in selling their existing house and moving to a new house, immigration to other countries and changing of jobs. The location of the “stagecoach star” is based on the formulas from the Chinese classical texts “Selecting the Truth” [選擇求真], which is based on the year of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals:





Generally it is saying that there are 4 “stagecoach star” locations based on the year of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals:

Shen [] – 202.6 – 247.5 degrees SW

Hai [] - 292.6 – 337.5 degrees NW

Yin [] – 22.6 – 67.5 degrees NE

Ssu [] – 112.6 – 157.5 degrees SE

The following table will indicate the “stagecoach star” location based on the 12 Chinese zodiac animals:

monkey, rat, dragon – yin [] – 22.6 – 67.5 degrees NE (wood element)

tiger, horse, dog – shen [] – 202.6 – 247.5 degrees SW (metal element)

snake, rooster, ox – hai [] – 292.6 – 337.5 degrees NW (water element)

pig, rabbit, lamb – ssu [] – 112.6 – 157.5 degrees SE (fire element)

From the above table, we can easily find out our “stagecoach star” location based on the Chinese zodiac birth sign. Once we found out where is the “stagecoach star” is located, if it happened to be the entrance door, we do not need to add any feng shui items because the house already has very strong “movement”  or activation of the ‘stagecoach star”. If it is in other locations, we can choose an auspicious day and time to place a pair of metal horse figurine to enhance its power. One thing very important is the horse figurine must be facing at the entrance door’s direction, even though there are walls in between.

In some feng shui books, they even suggested that the material of the horse figurine shall also match the element of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals’ birth signs:

- For people born in the year of the rat, monkey and dragon, the horse figurine shall be made of wood

- For people born in the year of the horse, tiger and dog, the horse figurine shall be made of metal

- For people born in the year of the rabbit, pig and lamb, the horse figurine shall be made of fire element material, for example plastic. If the plastic look doesn’t look good or classy, we can use horse figurine made of wood because wood feeds fire.

- For people born in the year of the snake, rooster and ox, the horse figurine shall be made of water element materials. Since it is very difficult to find water material to make the horse figurine, even ice will melt. Thus, we can substitute it with horse figurine made of metal because metal carries water.
In my many years of professional experience, I have seen successful examples using both horse figurine made of metal and other materials. I guess it all depends what is available at the time.

One thing we need to know is that it take longer to see results from the personal “stagecoach star” method, if someone want to see result as soon as possible, they can apply the above method to find the annual “stagecoach star” locations as its effect is more immediate. In this method, we only need to know the Chinese zodiac animal sign for the current year. For example, 2014 is the year of the horse, and from the above table, we know the “stagecoach star” is located at the shen - 202.6 – 247.5 degrees SW direction. When enhancing the annual “stagecoach star”, horse figurine made of metal can be used because horse is associated with the chien kua which is metal element in authentic Chinese feng shui. One thing I want to point out is once you have achieved your goal successfully, it is important to put away the horse figurine unless you want another "movement" in your house and career!

Note: I will strongly recommend to use a compass to measure and locate the exact direction of the "stagecoach star" and we must choose an auspicious day and time to place the horse figurine in order to see any positive results.








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