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How to Apply Ba Gua Mirror in Feng Shui


Among all the feng shui cure, ba gua mirror is one of the most popular item that has been recommend in many feng shui books and web sites. Primarily it is used to counteract the sha chi in feng shui.

The octagon shape represents the eight directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW). On the surface it has engraved with the eight gua (乾, 坤, 震, 巽,坎,離, 艮,兌) of the Early Heaven Ba Gua which represents the eight natural phenomena; namely the sky, land, thunder, wind, water, fire, mountain and lake [天, 地, 雷, 風, 水, 火, 山, 澤]. Simply put, it is the combination of yin/yang, five elements and I-Ching (Book of Changes),and it is primarily used as feng shui cure item to counteract the sha chi.

Generally it comes in three designs, one is plain without any mirror, one come with the convex mirror and one come with the concave mirror. Each one has its own feng shui function:

1. Ba gua with convex mirror - this is used to reflect and dispersed the sha chi from the inauspicious luan tao facing the windows and doors of the house. For example, electrical post, T-junction road, sharp corners from other buildings and transformer tower etc., which will cause conflicts, health problems and accidents to the household.

2. Ba gua with concave mirror - this is used to attract and contain the chi field which is escaping from the house. For example, if the main door of the house is facing a staircase going downwards (referred as rolling water sha 捲簾水 in feng shui), this will cause the chi inside escaping from the house and will cause unsteady luck and money loss. Therefore, hanging this ba gua mirror on the top frame of the door will help to draw back the escaping chi.... :-)

3. Plain ba gua without any mirror - this is normally used when the entrance door is facing the yearly Tai Sui. Most of the feng shui masters will recommend using a metal ba gua in this application.

Guidelines to follow when hanging the ba gua mirror:
- Since the main purpose of ba gua mirror is to counteract the sha chi coming from the outside environment (luan tao), therefore it must only hang outside the house. If hanging the ba gua inside the house, it will cause harm than good.

- the correct location for hanging the ba gua mirror is at the upper middle part of either the window or door, with the proper orientation of the chien gua at the top and the kan gua at the bottom. It is not necessary to face directly at the sha chi.

- do not hang the ba gua mirror on the door itself, because this will obstruct the positive chi entering into the house.

- if there is no available space on top of the door to hang the ba gua mirror due to the house construction, the ba gua mirror can install on the two top corners of the door with one ba gua at each corner. This is referred as "arch chi rectification method" [拱氣化沖法] in feng shui which is very effective in counteract the sha chi. However, if there are space on top of the door to hang the ba gua mirror, it is not recommend to use this method together with the regular position of the ba gua mirror, as this will cause adverse effects.

Lastly, the ba gua mirror shall not face directly to the door and window of your neighbor, this will create conflicts and hostile relationship with your neighbors and also between the members of the household.




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