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The importance of luan tao 巒頭 in authentic Chinese feng shui

In feng shui, there are two important factors to consider together when we are analyzing the feng shui of a habitable space, namely luan tao and li chi 理氣(理氣兼顧).  This is especially true under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. 

Unfortunately, the importance of luan tao is always ignored or not mentioned in most of the feng shui books and web pages by the so-called feng shui masters!

Therefore, I want to discuss here some important types of inauspicious luan tao (sha chi 煞氣) that will affect the feng shui (chi pattern) of the house. I also want to point out that the effects of the luan tao are more pronounced when it is facing the entrance door or bedrooms’ windows (which are referred as “mouth of chi” in feng shui) of a house/apartment. In this article, I want to concentrate on the external luan tao:

1. sky chopping sha (天斬煞) – the house is facing a narrow vertical gap or space between two buildings; like a sword chopping from the sky to the ground.
- this will cause bone and head problems.

2. yin chi sha (近陰煞) – the house is facing/close to a cemetery or crematorium.
- uncommon yin sickness and decreasing occupants in the house.

3. T-junction road (穿心煞) – the front of the house/building is facing a T-junction road.
- this will cause accidents, lawsuits, hostile relationship and frequent turnover of staffs.

4. hidden arrow sha (暗箭煞) – the road is facing directly at the back of the house.
- the same effects as the T-junction road that we mentioned above and we can apply the same feng shui cure accordingly.

5. entrance door is facing a column (柱阻煞) – this will affect the fortune and reaching aspiring goals.

6. a) entrance door is facing an electrical transformer (磁阻煞)- this will cause unstable wellbeing of the family, accidents and legal disputes.
b) entrance door is facing a high voltage electrical tower (磁波煞) – this will cause the birth of girls only in the household, blood circulation health problems and serious accidents.

7. reversed arrow sha (反弓屋) – the house is built along the inside edge of a curve road. This will cause accidents and arguments.

8. electrical pole close to the front of the building (五黄關煞) – this will cause accidents, dizziness, and operations.

9. building facing a sharp corner/edge from another building (墙角煞) – this will cause accidents, operations and hostility among the occupants.

10. a single dying big tree in front or at the rear of the house (枯絕煞) – this may cause suicide, misfortune, and continuous illness.

11. big trees in the front/rear yards covering or blocking sunlight from the house (招陰煞) – this will cause pain in bones and weak body.

12. the house is facing the pointed roof of a temple (三川煞) – this will cause accidents and arguments.

13. the house is facing an unfinished building where further works stop/abounded after the completion of the structure (洞窟煞) – this will cause suicide, prolong weak body, accidents, and negative thinking.

14. the front or both sides of the house are facing slanted roof of other buildings (射脋煞) – this will cause chest and neck problems, accidents and legal disputes.

15. the back of the house is facing a temple (陰廟煞) – this will cause low spirits, taking medicine often and female dominance in the household. 

16. broken walls around the house (刀鋸煞) – this will cause accidents and gossips or villain attack.

17. flyover- sickle knife sha (天橋鐮刀煞) – when the building is facing the outside curve of a flyover, this will likely cause serious accidents, conflicts and legal disputes and loss of fortune. This scenario is more common in the city.

18. light sha (光煞) – this is referring to the scenario that the head light of the vehicles is shining into the house or there is bright light like neon advertising signs facing the house. This will likely cause accidents to the occupants.

After reading the above inauspicious luan tao, some readers will wonder what is the appropriate feng shui remedies accordingly. Before I go any further, I want to point out that even when a house/building is facing either one of the above sha chi, it doesn’t mean that the occupants will be subjected to the problems no matter what; because its effects will depend on the li chi (flying star combinations) on the sector that is facing the luan tao. For example, it will have a lesser effect when the particular sector of the house has an auspicious timely flying star combinations. Another important thing to remember is even though that the sector of the house has an inauspicious flying star combinations, “bad” things normally happen when it is triggered by the inauspicious annual/monthly/daily flying stars, especially the number 2 and number 5 earth star. If my readers are interested in this topic, they are welcome to read the following article:

Finally, let us go back to the discussion of how to apply the appropriate feng shui cure for the above-captioned luan tao sha chi. In general, these are some of the effective feng shui remedies that we can apply: 

- place a pair of lions (outside of the house), a pair of metal Chi Lin (inside of the house or on the  window sill), 

- hang a wood Chinese Lo Pan (compass) facing the luan tao, 

- place green plants facing the luan tao

In authentic Chinese feng shui, there is a saying that “if you do not see it, then it is not a sha chi (眼看不見不為煞)", thus, by installed heavy curtains, blinds or shutters on the windows are also some effective feng shui measures that we can apply in these kinds of applications.

Lastly, one important thing that I want to point out is the effect of the external "luan tao" will be measured by the following factors: dimensions, shapes, and distances between the house. Readers can refer to my post regarding the new head headquarters of Apple :


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