Friday, March 30, 2018

Is Feng Shui really working for me?

Recently I have received some emails from my readers all voicing their frustration that feng shui is not working for them, even they have already hired feng shui “masters” and applied all the cure that has been "prescribed"! Well, I have decided to share my comments on this blog site for those who are facing the same situation. 

The first significant factor that I want to point out is we must understand the “proper” approach to feng shui. We must approach Feng shui with an attitude of flexibility and open mind, and understand that it is not magic, nor it cannot make us become a millionaire overnight or prevent death! Nonetheless, if we know what we are doing and can apply the appropriate and effective cure, it will undoubtedly improve our situation and reduce the harm to us to a certain degree (催吉避兇).  I have witnessed this effect through many years of personal and professional experience.

The second factor is which type of feng shui that we are following as there are different school of feng shui in the current market. I believe that the so-called "Western" or "New Age" Feng Shui is quite popular among the Western societies where one can find in most of the books and websites and interesting enough this is what most of the complaint of no results stems from my readers. In general practice, the practitioners of this type of feng shui will be mixing up the BSTB (Balck Sect Tantric Buddhist) feng shui and the traditional Chinese feng shui, which has caused much confusion to many people.

Since we are on this topic, I want to share a story that I read somewhere regarding this type of feng shui and let my readers decide whether it make sense or not. Let look at the following floor plan of a house which sold nearly one (1) million dollars; and how a BSTB or Western feng shui practitioner will do when he/she was sent by a client to access the feng shui of the house.

We can see how this practitioner superimposed the "famous" ba bua map (which was invented by the BSTB's founder, Lin Yun) on the floor plan. The result is fascinating! For example, it shows that the entry in the "career" sector, the master bedroom is in the "knowledge” sector and the kitchen is in the "helpful people" sector, etc. Thus, some possible feng shui interpretations of the house will be "they are sleeping on their knowledge," "their career is in the closet," "part of the wealth is missing" and "all the helpful people work in the kitchen"!

Joking aside, I really can not see how the practitioner can know that this house is right for their client? Or in the case that the client is already living in the house, what are the feng shui reasons that has been causing problems to the occupants (most of the time people hired a feng shui practitioner only when they have issues regarding fortune and health).

On the other hand, let us look at the different approach by a practitioner who is practicing the authentic Chinese feng shui (Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui). First off, he/she will also plot the traditional ba gua on the floor plan (as indicated in the following diagram).

Then he/she will calculate the natal chart (flying star combinations) based on the info of the facing direction of the house and the house’s construction time. Now with this info on hand, the practitioner can provide a detailed assessment to the client. For example, this house is suitable for making money but at the expense of poor health. There would be some conflicts between husband and wife etc. The more proficient and seasoned the practitioner is in analysing the flying star combinations on the natal chart, the more info he/she can relate to the client.

Furthermore, based on the flying pattern of the annual and monthly flying stars, the practitioner can also predict when problems are most likely to occur and how to apply feng shui cure to rectify the situation. So, which practitioner will the client hire to look for an expansive property?

Nonetheless, even though we are able to hire a capable “master” to check the feng shui of the house and follow through with his/her recommendation of feng shui cure, there are still a few important steps/ procedures to follow so that feng shui will work for us which I listed below:

One critical step is we must apply feng shui cure on an auspicious day and time in order to be effective. The reason is by doing the above, the feng shui cure is now being applied in the most optimum and ideal conditions. In feng shui, this is referred as “the combination of auspicious time, place and people luck” (天時, 地利, 人和). Sadly, I have seen many so-called masters have omitted this vital step in their practice! That may be one of the reasons that many people do not see a noticeable improvement in their situation.

Another essential condition that made feng shui work for us is we must “own” it, i.e., we must pay for the feng shui service because feng shui is very personal. In my professional practice, even though I am helping my family members or best friends in feng shui matters, I will insist that they will pay for the service even in a minimal sum like 10 or 20 dollars! This is also the reason why I have received kind donations to my blog site from many readers when they are following my feng shui advice after I have explained this critical concept to them!

The final step for feng shui cure to work for us is we must “activate” the effects of the items that we used, i.e., we have to “induce” the role of the feng shui items through the combination of its physical form and our visualization and positive thinking (呼形喝像). For example, when you are using 8 old Chinese coins to counteract the number 2 illness flying star (as I always recommend in this blog site), you have to visualize that they are sending out golden lights and driving out all the yin energy and make the place bright, clean and healthy.

To conclude, I hope the above will shed some lights regarding the proper execution of applying feng shui cure and help some, my readers, to improve their situation and start to appreciate and benefit from the potent Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui!


Pilar Bermejo said...

Hello !
I can say that your recommendations are working quite well for my family and mayself and we are from Spain. Thanks Simon
Best Regards

Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

Hi Pilar,

Thank you for your kind words! One thing I want to point out is the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui will work for every person, it doesn't matter where you are living as long as you know what you are doing. Anyway, glad to hear from you again and feel free to email me if you have any feng shui question.

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Simon Chan 陳茂靈 said...

I would appreciate that my fellow so-called feng shui "masters" do not use my blog site to promote their own. Nonetheless, I am welcome for any genuine comment to my article!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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David Bloomquist said...

Thanks for this. I really like what you've posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog and thanks for sharing. Classical Feng Shui