Thursday, November 19, 2009

I need feng shui cures? Are you kidding me?

According to some Western feng shui guru, they claimed that the sha chi or poison arrow (a building corner form another building) pointing at your home or office can be easily cured by using a mirror (6" mirror for small arrows, and 12" mirrors for big arrows to be exact) to deflect the strong energy away. They also claimed that It is so powerful that it can even deflect circular driveways, cemeteries, funeral homes, noisy neighbors, trash dumps etc. away from you....:-)
Let us look at the above photograph of a typical landscape of Hong Kong. If according to the Western feng shui guru, then a lot of people will be in serious trouble because there are so many corners from the buildings pointing at each other. However, contrary to what they are saying, a lot of the local people  are multimillionaire, because of the value of their property! Furthermore, it will be very interesting to see a war of mirrors pointing at each other if they follows the advice of the Western feng shui guru.....:-)

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