Sunday, March 29, 2009

Authentic Feng Shui Way

"To disbelieve is not disapprove, to believe is not to prove "

If you talk to the non-believers, feng shui is an ancient Chinese “superstition”. They do not believe hanging a wind chime and a new arrangement of furniture will improve the fortune. While on the other hand, those who practicing feng shui will swear to you that it really works and their life has improved after applying feng shui guidelines to enhance their environment.
The foundation concept of feng shui is based on the "Book of Changes" or I Ching, the Taoist belief of yin and yang, Lo-Shu numbers, the principles of Five Elements, Pa Kua and the Flying Stars calculations etc., all combined to form a sophisticated philosophy of our relationship with the universe. Therefore, if someone did not buy into these concepts, then feng shui can be deemed as a superstition or belief that has no scientific grounds as the most important element of feng shui which is "chi", can not be seen or measured.
In my personal experience, I believe that feng shui is a form of Chinese metaphysics, existed a few thousand years ago. It is the experience and study into what types of things there are in the world and what relations these things bear to one another. Unlike science, its phenomena cannot be measurable through experimental studies; rather it has to be experience through our inner minds. Therefore, to believe or disbelieve in feng shui is all up to one’s personal decision.
If someone already living in a steady and comfortable environment, it is not advisable to pick up feng shui. The reason is once you believe in feng shui and follows the advice from the feng shui guru, then there will be a lot of “do's” and “don’t's” to be followed; consciously in the mind there will be worries and concerns which will affect the daily life. However, if one really adopt feng shui and even willing to hire an expert to make sure everything is fine in the house, there is no reason to criticize or discourage this kind of practice. The most important thing in life is to achieve the peace of mind which is the Tao of feng shui - to live in harmony with the environment.
Remember, feng shui cannot bring you everything you want; it still needs your own efforts to achieve your goals! Interestingly, in his book “Joey Yap’s Pure Feng Shui”, Joey Yap has the following insight:
“Feng shui constitutes only 33 percent of the equation for success in life-the earth luck factor. Your capacity of success, in whatever area you want, is also dictated to the extent of 33 percent by what is known as your destiny code-this is the heaven luck factor. And your own efforts (perseverance, patience, persistence, hard work, determination etc.)-the man luck factor-account for 33 percent of the outcome as well. So, while feng shui is important, it is not the be-all and end-all.”

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