Monday, March 16, 2009

Feng Shui Parallels With Western Science

The main objective of Feng Shui is to harness ch’i, which is invisible and apparently all around us. Parallels can be drawn between ch’i and various forms of energy described in Western science where energy fields are investigated using various instruments. Compasses, for instance, are sensitive to magnetic fields. Feng shui masters also use compasses. Professor Max Knoll suggested in 1951 lecture that ch’i is a form of solar radiation. Compasses reflect local geomagnetism which includes geomagnetic induced currents caused by space weather.

Feng Shui hold that the heavens influence life on Earth. This coincide with the study of space weather which indicated that it can have profound effects on technology (GPS, power grids, pipelines, communication and navigation systems), and the internal orienting faculties of birds and other creatures. There is some evidence that suicide rates in Kirovsk, Russia, fluctuate along with the geomagnetic field. If we look at feng shui practice, the feng shui masters also advised against living too near to transmission lines and towers, but explain the reason as being the likelihood of being affected by the shar ch’i.  As in Cesano, Italy, the Vatican says it has been reducing electromagnetic emission form its broadcast antennas due to its link to an inordinately high level of child leukemia in the area.

In urban landscape, feng shui practitioners considerd streets are little like rivers. Under this logic, it is not safe to live in a house situated at the top of a T-junction where a long, straight road aiming at the house, the reason is that the straight road will generate the shar ch’i which will cause harm to the occupants. To a certain extent, this make sense as when a vehicle traveling along the straight road might, if it did not brake or turn adequately, will end up in the property. This is well justified in the incident happened recently in Toronto, Canada, where two vehicles sail through an intersection and slammed into the same house within three weeks! Is this a coincidence or not? 

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