Monday, March 9, 2009

Feng Shui For Bad Times

During these economic downturns, nothing seems right for many of us. We all know that feng shui will not prevents banks and big coporations from collasping, but it will surely provide us the necessary positive energy and motivation to face the difficult times ahead of us. For instance, you can try the followings:

1. Try to clean up the clutters in your house. Especially in your front entrance, kitchen and master bedroom. Make sure you get rid of all old electronic appliances or equipments. Spend less time on your cell phone or computer. Too much fire elements around you is not desirable in 2009.

2. You needs a lot of metals elements to improve your luck in 2009. For example, wear a gold chain or bracelet or use more decorating items made of gold, silver, copper, brass etc., in your house.

3. Try to have your working desk or computer desk at home/ office facing South-East if you are born in the spring and summer months, and facing North-West when you are born in the autumn or winter months. These are the auspicious sectors/orientation that you want to enhance using the principles of Ba-gua.

4. Put something you consider that is lucky to you on the left hand side of the working desk. If possible, a Chinese bamboo plant is even better.

In bad times, I believe we must have the determination to make "changes" or adjustments to our current state in order to cope with the difficult situations; and feng shui can surely motivate us to make sound "changes" to our environment. You want to give it a try?

Well, if this is not enough for you, here are the suggestions from Jennifer Ellen Frank, a feng shui consultant in New York City:

#1-Place a mirror at the entrance of your home to pull in chi for opportunity for those who live there. If you have stairs flowing straight to the front door, your money leaves very quickly. Slow this down with pictures along the wall and plants at the bottom of the steps.

#2-Keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered. If you can set up the stove so the cook can see the door. If the stove is already in place, put a mirror behind the stove. That way four burners become eight for multiplication of wealth.

#3-Repair all leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms to prevent money from going down the drain. By the same logic, and males family members take note, keep the toilet lid down to prevent money from being flushed away.

#4-Use the colors purple, red and green to support prosperity energy. Enhance this energy with the placement of a still life of a mountain and water.

#5-Pull that old lava lamp out of storage or purchase a new one. The undulating motions, or for that matter anything electronic or moving, help keep money circulating in your life.

#6-Get a fountain and/or goldfish. These represent the flowing of money to you.

#7-Display symbols of wealth around your home. Money and gold objects, even coins will do. If you can locate one, put out a gold Chinese Money Frog. This is a three-legged statue of a frog or toad with a coin in its mouth.

#8-Frame and hang up a picture of a million dollar bill. You can get a fake one online and that's okay. The symbol, even "Monopoly" game money provides visual reference for circulating prosperity.

#9-Also, cut out pictures of luxury items from magazines. Try a Porsche, an amazing country house, and a yacht. These represent the aspiration of "having it all" and are magnets for positive energy.

#10-Put a jade plant on the table. The jade plant is the Chinese version of a money tree.

Good luck!

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