Friday, September 21, 2012

孤峰獨聳 – “lonely Tall Mountain”sha in feng shui

In Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, “luan tao” (outside/inside environment) is very important. For example, if the outside environment is not auspicious, it will affect the “li chi” or feng shui inside the house. Most of the time, these unfavourable conditions are considered as “sha”.
One of the most common “sha” is when a tall building is surrounded by low buildings. This is referred as “gu feng du song” or “lonely Tall Mountain” sha.  The occupants in this building will have little support or conflicts with others, lonely and poor marriage luck.

Now let us look at an example in Toronto, Canada. In an article on the Toronto Star dated August 7, 2012 tilted “Condo project leaves bad taste with restaurants”, it is reporting that a strip of low rise Victorian buildings in the heart of the Entertainment District, dubbed “restaurant row,” is facing off against a 47-storey condominium project. The owners of the restaurants oppose the development, and not only on esthetic grounds, they also concerned about blocking of sunlight, wind tunnelling and affordable housing. Well, if we look at the picture of the building, it really seems out of place with the surrounding buildings.

The most interesting thing about this example is even the proposed building is still on the planning stage, it is already experiencing the effect of the “lonely Tall Mountain” sha. I am just wondering what will happen to the occupants when the building is actually build!

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