Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Change the House Period in Xuan Kong Fei Xing feng shui


In Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, the most important factor to consider when we are calculating the natal chart of a house is the construction period; because this will define the natal chart or the chi pattern captured when the house was erected. There are times that someone might want to change the house period. For instance, a Period Five house's luck will only last for 20 years (1944 - 1963), now the owner want to change the luck period to the current Eight Period (2004 - 2023) which has a more favourable natal chart, how can he do it?

We can apply a procedure which referred as "Replacing the Heart of the Heven" (換天心) in Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui that enabled us to do this. The proper procedures are as follow:

1.  The family first move out from the house,

2. Dismantle the front door,

3. Replace new floor finishes at the center area (中宮) of the house,

4. Replace the interior ceiling at the center of the house if any, or replace a new roof (shingles),

5. Carry out major renovation works like painting the whole house, dismantle of walls etc.,

6. Pick an auspicious date to re-install or replace the front door,

7. The family move back in to the house.

 The house will now become a Period Eight house with a new natal chart accordingly.

Note:  In real practice, this may be a good option to improve the feng shui of the house if someone doesn't want to or afford to move to a new house.