Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fu Yuan Feng Shui

Fu Yuan Feng Shui [福元地支三合局]
Let say you have been following some kind of feng shui, have spent a lot of hard-earned money buying books or taking on-line courses from the so-called “celebrities feng shui masters”;  faithfully following their advice and tips, making the house looking like a feng shui artifact’s museum; and at the end of the day, things still doesn’t improve!  So, besides frustration, you decided to give up feng shui and believe it is just another Chinese superstition.
If you are one of these poor victims, let me show you another type of feng shui that might work for you…J This type of feng shui is known as “Fu Yuan” feng shui and had been practised since the Han Dynasty (206BCE-220CE).  As we all know, twelve of the 24 Mountains (directions) on the Lo Pan are represented by the 12 Earthly Branches, with each Branch associates with a Chinese zodiac animals (see below diagram).

Fu Yuan feng shui is simply to find the directions that represents our Chinese zodiac animal’s birth sign, then add and subtract 120 degree. The resulting two Mountains will be the auspicious directions for us.

For example, let us look at the example for a people born in the year of the monkey (shen).  From the Lo Pan or compass, the shen Mountain shows 240 degree. So, we add 120 degrees and subtract 120 degrees from 240 degrees, the results are 360 degree and 120 degree respectively, therefore:

360 degree = tzu Mountain represents the rat

120 degree = chen Mountain represents the dragon

Simply put, this type of feng shui is just applying the concept of the “three compatible formation of the Earthly Branches” [地支三合局] from the Four Pillars System or Ba Zi. 

Using the above example, the person born in the year of the monkey can place a rat figurine at the tzu Mountain (360 degree) and a dragon figurine at the chen Mountain (120 degree). These two compatible Chinese zodiac animals will help to create a favourable feng shui environment for this person.

In fact, besides finding the auspicious directions, Fu Yuan feng shui can also use to find the right partners in business operation. Using the above example, a person born in the year of the monkey, shall look for people born in the year of the rat and the dragon as business partners.

The Directions of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals (12 Earthly Branches) on the Ba Gua

Rat            352.5 - 7.5
Cow          22.5 - 37.5
Tiger         52.5 - 67.5
Rabbit      82.5 - 97.5
Dragon    112.5 - 127.5
Snake      142.5 - 157.5
Horse      172.5 - 187.5
Goat        202.5 - 217.5
Monkey  232.5 - 247.5
Rooster  262.5 - 277.5
Dog         292.5 - 307.5
Pig           322.5 - 337.5










Mwaskis said...

Very cool! The tiger and the horse make sense now:) question though, how do you determine the animal of your birth year?

Simon Chan said...

The Chinese zodiac animals sign for the year of birth is determined by the Earthly Brach of the year of birth.

Actually, you can fill in the info of your birthday on the "Chinese 4 Pillars calculator" in this blog site and it will tell you immediately your Chinese zodiac animals sign under the "year" column.

For example, you can see that the Chinese zodiac animal sign for someone born in 2012 is dragon as indicated on the calculator.

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