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Is Wind Turbine bad feng shui or good feng shui?

Wind Turbines – Is it Good Feng Shui or Bad Feng Shui?
Wind turbines have become one of the popular means of green energy in recently years, wind farms are popping up in many parts of the world. As more wind turbines are being built near to the living communities, objections and even law suits are started to emerge. Most of them are from the anti-wind turbines groups and the “not-in-my-back-yard” reactionary property owners near to the wind farms. The main complains they have are people living close to the wind farms are exposed to health risks, many people claimed they are suffering from the so-called “wind turbine syndrome” like heart disease, tinnitus, vertigo, panic attacks, migraines and sleep deprivation. As from the property owners, they are concerned that their property value will be affected.

There has been a lot of scientific studies and research done by both the anti- wind farm groups and the wind energy industry’s lobbyist, each claiming they are right. Recently, as reported from the Toronto Star dated July 11, 2012, Health Canada says it will launch a national study into the possible relationship between wind-turbine noise and health problems as reported by people living near wind power development. I have been following closely to the above development with a lot of interest, since there are still no concrete scientific proofs regarding its effects on the health of people living near to them; I have decided to present my thinking of the wind turbine from the perspective of feng shui.

In authentic feng shui, external physical objects are referred as “ luan tao (外巒頭)” which will affect the feng shui of the house, especially if the entrance door or windows are facing at them.  In general, when it is considered an unfavorable “luan tao”, it is referred as “luan tao sha (巒頭煞)”.  Accordingly to the guidelines of the “form school” of feng shui, wind turbine is considered as a wood element due to its tall structure and shape, rather than fire element as some people may think, as they envision that the wind turbines are generating electric power.  Furthermore, the turning (movement) of the blades of the wind turbine is considered as “agitator” to the phenomenon of the “wood element sha chi” generated by the wind turbine.

Let us now look at some of the possible health problems of the people living near to the wind turbine. As reported on the Toronto Star‘s article, many people  in Kingston, Ontario  living near to the wind turbines  are reporting suffering from symptoms of tinnitus and trouble in sleeping. 

Well,  it is just common sense and easy to comprehend that living very close to the wind turbine will affected by its noise and shadows of lights casted on the house. This is demonstrated in the article  that an elderly couple living just 1 kilometer away from three wind turbines are experiencing the “ wind turbine syndrome”.

This phenomenon can be explained by  the theory of Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui.  When the entrance door or windows are facing an outside “luan tao sha”, in this case the wind turbine, it will acts as an enforcer of the ill effects to the house. For example, if there is an untimely flying star combination, for instance [6, 4] at the sector, it will cause health issue like tinnitus and vertigo, which is the common complaint from the people living close to the wind turbine. Another scenario causing the above health issues is most likely when the NW sector (metal element) of the house is facing the wind turbine (wood element), and at the same time the annual and monthly #2 star fly to the  NW sector.  In short, I believe the critical factor that is causing all the health problems is the distance between the house and the wind turbine.  In fact, an Ontario government commissioned study conducted a review in 2012 that look at more than 100 papers and reports; and concluded that there was no health risk posed by wind turbine sound if the structures are located at least 550 meters away from people’s house; which is the Ontario’s regulated setback distance. Looking from the perspective of feng shui, it does make sense because based on the authentic feng shui principles, "chi got scattered in open air". Simply put, the sha chi of the wind turbine get dispersed when it is far away from the houses and thus will not affect the occupants of the house.
So, what is the feng shui cure for this problem? Well, there are a few things that the onwer of the house can do to counteract its effects:

1. Install curtains or blinds on the windows or keep the windows closed which are facing the wind turbine. This is based on the feng shui idea that “if you do not see the sha, you will not affect by it”.

2. As we captioned above that wind turbine is considered as wood element, therefore, placing metal element objects on the doors and windows is also a very effective feng shui cure against the wind turbine. This is based on the destructive cycle of the Five Elements – metal chops wood.  Examples of metal element objects which can be used as cure are 6 old Chinese coins or a pair of metal Chi Lin. Furthermore, if the wind turbine itself is painted with white or silver colors (metal element), it will further reduce the energy of the sha chi from the wind turbine.

3. Fire element objects are also good feng shui cure to counteract the sha chi of the wind turbine, as fire element  will dissipate wood element. Example is painting the door in red color which is facing the wind turbine (s).

To conclude, the critical factor that we shall concentrate on is the finding of the safety distance between wind turbines and the houses.  The further away it is from the houses , the less chance that it will  cause any health issues. I believe this can be justified by the ongoing scientific studies. Hopefully the results that will soon come out will put to rest a lot of the objective voices on wind turbine!

One last thing I want to point our is under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, in some scenario the moving energy generated by the wind turbine will serve as an enhancement to the auspicious flying star combinations of the house facing them. In light of all the negative things being said about the wind turbine, after all, it might be a good thing for some!

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