Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Modern "window wall" high rise condominium - Is it good feng shui?

Modern “window wall” high rise condominium - Is this good feng shui?

In an article titled “The broken reality of glass walls” on the Toronto Star dated March 23, 2013, the writer is raising the concern of the resiliency and energy efficiency about the popular floor-to- ceiling glass walls of the masses of towering condos in the city. One building experts even commented it is due to the laziness of the architects and builders. I believe it is more about the economics as the builders want to have these buildings build fast and cheap.
If we look at these kind of buildings in feng shui perspective, they are in fact not auspicious in many ways. Listed below are some major feng shui deficiencies for these kinds of buildings:

The window glass is related with the metal element in authentic feng shui. In other words, people are basically living in a metal “skin” unit. Therefore, it is not auspicious for wood and earth element person to live in these types of building.

In feng shui, the windows and doors are considered the “mouth of chi”, therefore, this kind of design will allow the positive chi to escape through the floor-to –ceiling window wall, and unable to contain the positive chi such that they can circulate through the unit.

Most of the time, these kinds of high rise condos are built so densely together, the reflection on the window walls will become the “light sha ” in feng shui, which will affect the feng shui of other buildings which are close by.

In feng shui, there is a saying that “if it is not visible, it is not considered as sha chi". Therefore, unless there are full height curtains or blinds installed on the floor-to-ceiling window walls, all the units of the building will be affected by the outside “sha chi”.


Robertson White said...

Awesome post...I really love this post! very insightful, I look forward to more on these topics. I hope all enjoyed here like me. Keep it up.

Mreed said...

So how do we solve this? in a condo unit with window walls in every room.