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Baby Conceive Feng Shui


As the environment pollution is getting worst in our modern cities day by day and coupling with the modern "strange" and complicated design of home, more and more couples are experiencing the problem of unable to bear children. Some of it may due to health issues; nonetheless, I believe feng shui is also a main factor. Therefore, I am here to share some of the feng shui ideas regarding this topic and hopefully it will help some couples to fulfill their dreams of having a lovely baby in their life!

Firstly, I am going to list some of the inauspicious conditions at the bedroom that will affect the chance of conceiving baby:

1. The bedroom is too dark and humid. This is usually caused by the having little windows, cluttering, limited space, having fish tank inside the bedroom; and too much trees outside the bedroom windows. All the above will affect the chance of conceiving because there is an imbalance of the yin and yang energy.

2. The area of the bedroom is too large. Under the authentic Chinese feng shui, it believe that our energy or life force will escape from out body when we are sleeping. If the area of the bedroom is too large and has plenty of empty space, more energy will escape from our body and therefore this will reduce the ability to conceive. It is no wonder that the bedroom of the ancient Chinese emperors never exceed 20 meters!

3. Irregular shaped house. In feng shui, different shapes and forms will generate different chi patterns or feng shui. Under the Later Heaven Ba Gua, the SW sector represents the female household and the NE sector represents offspring in the family. Thus, it is not auspicious for a house to miss these two corners, or they are occupied by the bathroom or kitchen. Furthermore, inauspicious exterior "luan tao" like some rugged land forms sharp angle facing these two sectors will also affect the female to get pregnant.

4. Too much chi flow at the west sector of the house. Generally speaking, in order to increase the ability of conceiving, the health of the kidney is very important. In feng shui, the kidney is associated with the water element which is related to the north sector of the ba gua. On the other hand, metal is considered as the resource of water or kidney (metal carries water under the Five Elements concept); and it is associated with the west and NW sector. Therefore, if there are too many windows at the west, NW and north side of the bedroom, this represents there are no protection to contain the metal and water chi in the bedroom and this will affects the ability to conceive baby accordingly.

5. Living too far away from the ground chi. In feng shui, we believe the ground chi will not reach more than 5 floors high. Thus, living in a tall building is referred as "lonely sha", which means there are no protection on the four sides of the building and the chi got scattered. This will also affect the ability of conceiving baby.

6. There is altar, balcony or car port beneath the bedroom or the room directly above or below is the washroom.

7. There are more than two access doors in the bedroom. In feng shui, it states that the bedroom must only have one entrance door, otherwise it will affect the fertility of the couple.

8. The bed is placing too near to the window.

9. The bedroom door is facing the door of the kitchen or the bathroom. It is also not auspicious to have the bedroom sitting beside the bathroom or the kitchen, especially the bed is sitting against the same wall with the kitchen where the kitchen stove is located.

10. There are too many mirrors in the bedroom. The logic is mirror is associated with the metal element in feng shui; and metal will injure the fetal chi and affects male vitality.

11. Placing too many electrical items and metal objects beside the bed, this will cause difficulty for the female to get pregnant.

As for those couples that had been married for many years and still cannot have babies, there are some feng shui methods to enhance the chance of fertility if health is not an issue:

1. By applying the Chinese legend of "gift of children by the Chi Lin (麒麟送子), the couple can place the Chi Lin figurine at the "sheng chi" sector of the house and the bedroom (refer to the table below).

Sitting/Facing direction of the house                         Sheng chi sector

SE sitting/NW facing house                                               SE
NW sitting/SE facing house                                               west, north
NE sitting/SW facing house                                               NW
SW sitting/ NE facing house                                              east
South sitting/north facing house                                        south
North sitting/south facing house                                        SW, north
East sitting/west facing house                                           east
West sitting/east facing house                                           south, NW, SE

2. It is also auspicious to place the bed at the "sheng chi" sector (refer to the above table) of the bedroom as this will improve the chance of conceiving baby.

3. Place yellow colored crystal under the mattress.

4. Place black colored obsidian at the "sheng chi" sector of the bedroom (see table above). In feng shui, black color is associated with the number 1 water star which represents the kidney and uterus of the human body; this will enhance the fertility energy of the couple.

5. Choose an auspicious day and time based on the Chinese Almanac to re-set the bed. It is also important that the couple do not sleep in a bed with four legs; instead sleep on a bed with solid base support.

6. Place a red lantern on the outside of the bedroom windows on every full moon day or on the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This will also fulfill the wish of offspring. In some practice, the couple will appoint an elderly relative who has many children to hang the red lantern.

7. On a full moon day (Lunar Calendar), place a mixture of red dates, peanuts, longan and lotus seeds at the living room or beside the bedroom door. Cook the mixture as deserts and eat it after three days. This symbolize the Chinese saying of "having baby early" (早生貴子).

8. Below is a summary of showing where to place the feng shui items to enhance the fertility luck of couple in their house and bedroom:

Feng Shui items/Locations

- Figurine of the "gift of children by the Chi Lin"  -  west, "sheng chi" sector
- Black colored obsidian - bedroom
- Black color crystal column - east side of bedroom
- Combination of red date, peanuts, longan, lotus seeds - living room, bedroom door
- Chinese painting of the "hundred children" (百子圖) - living room or bedroom
- Marigold flowers - balcony or bedroom window
- Yellow colored crystal - under the mattress
- Red lantern - outside bedroom window

Lastly, I want to stress the importance of using an auspicious day and time which has no conflicts to the Chinese horoscope of the couple to apply the above feng shui enhancements. This is the last and most important step in feng shui application in order that we can achieve the best result that we want.

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