Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You can only find this in China!

Someone Dreams, Other People Feng Shui and Living Nightmare

In today China, those who are rich and powerful really have their way doing their own things without considering the wellbeing and benefits of the other people! On today’s Toronto Star, they were reporting that in Beijing, a so-called professor decided to fulfill his own “dream” or idiocy have spent six years building a roof top villa with rocks, trees and waterfalls on top of a 26-storey apartment building; and is now being ordered by the local urban management unit to demolished this illegal construction!

Technical speaking, any trained architect and engineer shall notice immediately that this illegal structure will cause substantial damages to the rest of the building. Unless it is designed in the planning process, the roof of a building normally does not design for the support of a massive structure. Another potential nightmare is the waterproofing and drainage system as there are water falls, trees and rock formation in this illegal structure.  If I were the occupants of the lower floors units, I will demand a complete inspection and assessment of the above potential problems and hold this professor responsible for any structural damages in the future.

Now, let us look at what kind of feng shui nightmare caused by this illegal structure. Any feng shui masters will tell you immediately that this is the perfect example of “water shower on the head” (淋頭水).This scenario will cause illegal activities, serious illness and accidents to the families living below. This will affect more to the occupants living on the top few floors of the apartment building. Furthermore, because living under the massive structure, they will also suffer the same effects as living/sleeping under a beam or heavy objects in feng shui.

Besides creating bad feng shui effects on the occupants of the apartment building, it will also cause problems for the other buildings which are close by facing this roof top structure. Due to its rugged formation, it is referred as “Lian Zhen Shan” (廉貞山) which is an inauspicious “luan tao”. This will caused serious health issues based on which direction is facing this illegal structure:

- East – liver and limbs

- SE – liver, face

- South – eyes, accidents

- SW – skin and stomach

- West – mouth and throat

- NW – lung and respiratory system

- North – bladder stone, abortion and miscarriage

- NE – nose and skin disease

Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, this inauspicious luan tao will enhance the ill effects of the flying star combination of the sector which is facing the luan tao.

To conclude, I believe this will be a total nightmare in feng shui for the other occupants of the apartment and it will be a disaster living in this apartment building especially when the demolishing works begin for this massive illegal structure. Therefore, my recommendation to the occupants especially those living in the top floors will be simply it is about time to consider to move out of the building!

August 13, 2013    Toronto


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