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What is the feng shui effects in houses build primarily with strtuctural light steel system?


What is the feng shui effects in houses build primarily with structural light steel?

Recently I have saw an advertisement in the Toronto Star dated January 29, 2014 reporting a new kind of architecture where the whole house is built with light steel assembly system. It caught my attention immediately because I believe this will definitely have some adverse feng shui effects.

My main concern is because the house is constructed with light steel structure, that means it will has a very powerful metal chi in these kind of houses. As we all know, feng shui problems are caused by the imbalance state of elements inside a house. Thus, the massive amount of steel will produce very strong metal element and this will cause conflicts with the other elements in the house. One possible result that I can predict is these type of houses will definitely like suitable for people who birth element is either wood or earth!

Furthermore, the excessive amount of steel in the structure will produce tremendous amount of magnetic fields. In my many years of professional experience, very often I have faced the same problem when I was trying to measure the compass bearing inside a high rise condominium unit, as the needle of my Lo Pan will fluctuate and the measurement will change dramatically when I move one step backward or forward. The primarily reason is that the magnetic field emits from the steel reinforce concreter structure have interfered with the Lo Pan needle. Most of the time, many seasoned feng shui consultants will advised their clients that the unit is not suitable for them or to move out because the magnetic field will affects the human body especially the head.  This have been proving true from many of my clients who are always complaining that they have serious headaches or loss of concentration when living in these kinds of high rise condominium units!

Therefore, I can imagine the difficulty of getting a compass measurement in a house that is built primarily in steel and its ill effects on the occupants! Another concern I have is in the advertisement, it boost that this kind of modern design will provide beautiful living spaces with many floor to ceiling windows. Well, I guess the designer must be a feng shui hater! For all of us who follow feng shui know that the primarily goal in feng shui is to “hide the wind and contain the chi藏風聚氣 so that the positive chi can circulate throughout the house. However, with so many full height windows, that means all the chi will be escaped from the house. Another important point is doors and windows are referred as “mouth of chi” or entry point of the outside chi for the house. So, the many numbers of full height windows in these kinds of houses means the chi is entering into the house from different directions (auspicious or inauspicious), this scenario is referred as the chi is not pure in feng shui which is not auspicious, because this will cause unstable luck and fortune for the occupants!

Of course, for those people who do not believe or follow feng shui will have no concern living in these kinds of houses. However, from my many years of professional experience, I am quite certain that eventually some of the problems that I mentioned above will catch up with them. Since this is still a relative new construction system and not a lot have been build, it will be some time that we will see the results. Nonetheless, I will be definitely keeping a close eye on its development and for the time being, this is not the types of houses that I will recommend to my clients!

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