Friday, November 28, 2014

How to solve missing corners in feng shui

Feng shui remedies for “missing corners” [缺角風水] in the house

Due to many physical limitations, it is very difficult to have a “perfect” feng shui house, and one of the most common problem for many houses is missing corners which will cause adverse effects to the occupants. Here I want to discuss some feng shui remedies to solve this problem:

Missing NW corner

In feng shui, if a house is missing the NW corner, we believe it will affect the health of the male household especially those eldest male members in the family. They will most likely have legs, head issues, high blood pressure or stroke.

Feng shui remedies: round metal items or metal dog figurine to counteract the ill effects

Missing SW corner

Since the SW [坤方] is associated with the female household, that means the eldest female members in the family will likely suffer poor health, stomach and skin problems.

Feng shui remedies: ceramic lamb and monkey figurines

Missing NE corner

When a house is missing the NE corner, it may cause poor wealth conditions, skin diseases and if serious, it means the absence of male members in the family. However, it has little effect on the females in the family.

Feng shui remedies: round ceramics, ceramic cat/tiger figurine or embroidery

Missing SE corner

When a house is missing the SE corner, it will cause poor marital relationship and upper limbs problems, if serious (completer missing the corner) it will cause separation and absence of descendants in the family.

Feng shui remedies: round green bonsai, dragon painting or wooden dragon figurine to counteract the ill effects

Missing South corner

When a house is missing the South corner, it implies the opportunities of heart disease or stroke, eye problems and bad temper. This is especially affect the female who born in the year of the horse.

Feng shui remedies: place metal horse figurine, purple crystal ball, red color glassware or horse figurine at the South wall of the house

Missing North corner

When a house is missing the North corner, it may cause urinary, reproduction, kidney and myopia health problems.

Feng shui remedies: place fish tank/aquarium, water features or Mickey Mouse figurine at the North wall of the house. If available, hanging the Chinese painting of “Zongkui zhao fu tu” [鍾馗招蝠圖] or “Hundred offspring” [百子千孫圖] at the North wall will also works.

Missing West corner

When a house is missing the West corner, it will affect the marriage and health of the female members in the family. They may have skin, respiratory or oral disease.

Feng shui remedies: place metal rooster figurine at the West wall

Missing East corner

When a house is missing the East corner, this will bring liver, gallbladder problems, limbs and head issues.  Furthermore it will affect the growth and marriage of the eldest son in the family, and most likely the female is running the house.

Feng shui remedies; place round green bonsai or wood rabbit figurine or painting at the East wall

One thing I want to add is when the house has protruding corner, it means very strong chi at the particular corner, it does not means that it is not auspicious in any way. For instance, in the case of protruding SW corner, it implies female dominance in the house.


Gabreil29 said...

That's a very very useful blog post :) So many people look for missing areas.. u are very right, in today's small and tall skyscappers or buildings, its hard to find a perfect fengshui home. Atlease one room or area is always missing.

Thank u netgent1 ( Simon Chan 陳茂靈) for sharing your expertise :)

Moonlight said...

Hi, i have a question.
My home is missing NE corner.
I want to do a remedy, but i don't know where to place a ceramic cat/tiger in my home. Please, answer my question Simon Chan.