Sunday, November 16, 2014

Feng Shui Effects on Rebuild Houses

I have come across an article in Toronto Star dated Nov 15, 2014 reporting a common phenomenon in Toronto’s property market, i.e. renovation/ restoration/ rejuvenation or in many cases rebuild old houses especially the single-family market. Very often, it has increase the value of the house tremendously. As quoted in the article, a single family house in Roncesvalles/Parkdale area was listed for $649,900 in January and is now listed for $1.5 million after going through major rebuild works!

One of my student have asked me does it change the feng shui of the house. My answer is it all depends on the new natal chart of the house after the rebuild because it has now changed into a Period Eight house (2004 – 2023). Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, there is a procedure named “the replacement of the heart of heaven” [換天心], which is mostly applied by people who want to change the Luck Period, in order to improve the feng shui of the house (refer to the following article).

For example, a Chen (SE) facing house which is enjoying very good feng shui in Period 7 (1984 – 2003) will become a very bad feng shui house in Period Eight (2004 – 2023) due to a complete new natal chart of the house.

Beside the effect of the new natal chart will change the feng shui of the rebuild house, its relationship with the surrounding houses will also affect the feng shui of the house. For instance, after some expansive and massive rebuild works, the house will easily experiencing the “lonely tall mountain” sha [ 孤峰獨聳煞] which will cause conflicts with the surrounding neighbors (refer to the following article).

Therefore, although it may seems that most of these rebuild houses will increase their property value, I will strongly suggest those people who are going to purchase or living in these types of houses to seek the professional feng shui advice from the consultants who are practicing the Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui. This is very important!

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